10 Best Kitchen Backsplash Tile Design

A kitchen backsplash not only protects the walls in your kitchen, but also it adds a personality to a kitchen. There are various materials that can be used to create an attractive-looking backsplash, but tiles are the most popular choice. It is true that a backsplash will cost you a lot of money. However, there are still various ways that you can use to save a good amount of money. One of these is the use of tiles. Let’s have a quick look at the popular types of tiles that are ideal for a backsplash.

Mosaic Tiles

They are popular from ancient times and have never been out of fashion. Mosaic tiles are readily available in various materials, such as metal, glass, ceramics and others. They can give your old and simple kitchen a modern look. When choosing the tiles for backsplash you should give utmost importance to the theme or decor of your kitchen. Make sure you are choosing a style and color that blend in well with the overall decor of your kitchen. One of the best options in tiles is metallic mosaics. With this option use an under-cabinet lighting to spruce up the backsplash.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are most commonly used tiles. They have always been popular because of their attractive designs and cheap prices. You can easily find these tiles in a wide variety of colors, sizes and finishes.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are also very popular for backsplashes. They are available in different colors, shapes and designs. You can choose between reflective and non reflective glass tiles. If you want to create a modern look in your kitchen, glass tile backsplash is a perfect choice for you.

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Kitchen Backsplash Tile Murals Pertaining To Kitchen Backsplash Tile Murals Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Marble or Granite Tiles

Granite is another very popular choice for creating an eye-catching backsplash. Granite tiles are a perfect option for those kitchens that have a wooden cabinetry. You can contrast light colored granite tiles for backsplash if your kitchen cabinets are of deep dark brown color. It will create a visually interesting appeal in your kitchen.

Kitchen Murals

They are basically a set of different tiles that are placed together to form one picture. You can choose any picture of your choice for a kitchen mural. Some choices in motifs include pictures of foods, vegetables, fruits and animals.

Other Materials

Beside tiles, there are various other materials that are used to make a backsplash. These include painted glass, painted glass, and stainless steel tiles, etc. A backsplash that is made from steel and glass is easy to cleanup and maintain.

These are some great tile choices for making a kitchen backsplash. You can achieve a unique and attractive look for your backsplash by choosing the right kitchen backsplash tiles. You can have a backsplash in your kitchen that runs through the entire length of your kitchen countertop or you can have it behind the sink. It is strongly recommended to do your homework before choosing a design. This will help you make the decision about the design and you will be able to achieve the desired look.

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