Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Doors in 2016

Kitchen cabinets are more exposed to different kinds of wear and tear that is why there is a need to replace or refurnish it over time. Think of the many times you open and closed your cabinet door. If you cannot distinguish the exact number, then it means that you really need to do something in order to bring back the beauty of your kitchen cabinet. As you cook every day, the cabinet is exposed to smoke, grease and heat that can add damage to it. If you think about remodeling you kitchen, then the very first item to be given a facelift is kitchen cabinets doors. The wholesale kitchen cabinets may look fine and it is the door that only requires replacement.

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Materials for Kitchen Door Replacement

Replacing cabinet doors means remodeling the entire kitchen. For appropriate replacement of cabinet door, you can choose from assortment of designs, styles and materials. As you read this article in full, you will find out the right thing to do for this remodeling project.

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Most kitchen cabinet doors are made out of wood. One of the best choice is laminate wood as it is easy to maintain and can offer high level of durability. In case you do not want wood, then you can choose from stainless steel and glass doors. It does not matter what material you want for your cabinet door because the market will give you a lot of choices.

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You can use similar material your cabinet is made of. You need to keep in mind the base coat as you need to make sure it is similar with the rest of the custom kitchen cabinets.

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Another great idea for replacing kitchen cabinet doors to match the frame is to repaint the entire cabinet. There are available unfinished doors for this purpose. You can sand the frame and paint everything. This is what many homeowner are doing these days to give their cabinet a new look.

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You can choose to paint the frame and the door with different color combination. It will all depend on the look that you want to achieve. Kitchen designers and ordinary homeowners are doing this technique with great results.

You can find cabinet door makers that make use of veneers for cabinet doors. In case you want to retain the look of its wood grain, you can cover it using veneer. A veneer is cut and can fit into any cabinet. It needs to be glued on top of the existing finish to give it a new look. This type of remodeling requires a lot of hard work, but the end result is a fresh looking cabinet doors.

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It is vital that you get the accurate measurement of the old door as you look for replacement of kitchen cabinet doors. It is very simple to take the needed measurement, but if you are not confident on your measuring skill, then you should remove the old door and bring it do the hardware store. The last thing that you need to consider is your budget and make sure to stick to what you can afford.

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