Kitchen Style with Marble Countertops

A classy kitchen style with marble countertops is the hottest trend in the kitchen decorating. Using the theme in mind, people want countertops to be part of the classy theme or be in balance with the colors. There are various materials available for the kitchen countertop that make it hard to choose the one which might turn your kitchen from average to awesome. Moreover, artistic appeal and price are also thought while choosing. If financial budget is no issue for you then you can get marble tabletops.

Marble countertops are often used due to its durability and elegant tone. Basically, marble is a metamorphic stone that formed from crystallized sediment under heat and pressure. It is not the hardest stone since it has porous that make it staining.


Marble countertop for kitchen has two types of finish. Honed finish is the regularly used nowadays. It is easier to install and maintain. It has soft matte finish and won’t show too much scratch. However, it appears less bright and more vulnerable to stains. The best use for honed marble countertop is by adding sealing. On the other side polished marble countertop shows shinier exterior. It doesn’t stain too easily. However, it can scratch if you are careless. In addition, polished finish is more likely to worn out as time passes by. If you want luxury and classy outlook for your kitchen style, polished marble countertop is ideal for you.

In terms of cleaning, marble countertop is quite convenient. Cleaning stains can be done easily with dish soap and warm water. To clean stains, you can water and baking soda and apply them on the stains overnight. To improve the durability, it is always safe to add sealing as marbles have open pores on its surface.

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When it comes to cost, not all marble are affordable. The cheaper but decent marble type is Carrara marble from Italy. It is considered the cheapest marble stone as it has greyer color. Otherwise, brighter white marbles like Calcatta is considered luxury type. However, if you still want to go all out, you may want to seek advice from professionals to determine what kind of stone you want to use for your kitchen style.

Kitchen Marble Countertops

Kitchen Marble Countertops

Kitchen Style

Kitchen Style

Overall, marble countertop can be a great centerpiece in your kitchen. It has considered a luxury part that will enhance any kitchen style. It can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your entire kitchen interior design as well.

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