Laminate Flooring Ideas

Laminate Characteristics

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The laminate has many similar characteristics to the parquet both from an aesthetic point of view and from that of the composition. When it is laid, in fact, it puts a layer of wood not prized and subsequently apply a plastic foil printed so as to suggest the appearance of the wood. The high resolution of the drawings depicting the effect wood, are so well made that difficult, at first sight, can pass for a laminate. Also, when walking on the laminate surface, it felt the same feeling of the wood and not the cold of stoneware or ceramic floor. Laminate is, therefore, an ideal solution for those who want to give a new atmosphere to your home or to a sufficiently fast and economic restructuring.

Laminate Installation

laminate flooring ideas

The laying of the laminate can be done in two different ways depending on whether you prefer a fast route or longer. If you want to avoid svellimento the previous floor can be laid directly on the laminate floor if, instead, it is a new building or want to avoid the thickness of the laminate, you can be laid directly on the slab. In both cases, however, the surface must be flat and smooth for a good outcome of the work. On the bottom is laid a sheet of insulating material on which are founded the interlocking elements of the laminate. The sheet is important because, in addition to being the base of the laminate floor, is also acoustically and thermally insulating. Naturally, account must be taken of the direction and of the design to be followed for which also need a hacksaw and a dedicated line.

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Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

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As in all things, even this type of flooring has its advantages and its disadvantages. With regard to the first, they are to be numbered the ease in cleaning, the poor maintenance it needs and the resistance to scratches and cracks.

As for the cons, if you decide to lay the laminate on an existing floor, you have to adapt to the new level doors and windows of around a centimeter and more noise trampling can be a bit ‘too much.

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One of the advantages of the laminate flooring is the low cost. Putting together the baseboard costs, material and mat resting on the bottom there is around 12 euro so it’s quite convenient. The carpet has an average cost of 1.5 euro per square meter, the real laminate and just about 8 Euros and then there’s the baseboard with an average cost of 2.5 euro. Remains the expense of the workforce that is around more or less at 5 euro per square meter (depends a lot on who contact) but with a bit ‘of good will you can also do by itself.

Laminate Flooring Types

laminate flooring ideas living room

As already mentioned, the floors of this type, although the material is equal and so the installation technique, however, exhibit differences with regard to the pattern. Since the imitation of the wood, the proposals fantasies are endless as reproduce the various types of wood that are used both for parquet or for other similar materials.

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The laminate reproduces virtually all types of oak from white to black passing by the nuance similar to pine and ash. Also the decoration types are different. It moves from the imitation of the Norwegian Nordic wood in the gray smoke similar to the Anglo-Saxon mists. Still there are models with pine reproduction, cherry, wenge and even of jojoba and walnut woods. You will also find the effect of aged wood, antique and lived to give a touch of antiquity. They do not lack ideas and can adapt to any kind of house floors and furniture. Not there will be spoiled for choice.

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