Lighthouse Garage Doors

Every light house always has its own garage. The garage automatically has its own door with various designs. This article will show you some designs of lighthouse garage doors.

If we talked about design, it definitely comes in various ways. Design is not only about a style, but also about a signature. Design will make something different from the others. Moreover, if something has a unique design, that thing definitely easy to remember, so with lighthouse garage doors. Because lighthouses is one of tourism destinations nowadays, its garage door design definitely attract many attention from who are visiting the lighthouse. As we know that lighthouses architecture has many improvements, so no doubt if there are many designs of lighthouses garage doors.

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From Wood into Steel and Metal Lighthouse Garage Doors  

As i said before, lighthouses architecture has many improvements and so with the lighthouse garage doors. For the garage door specifically also has many improvements, too. Ancient lighthouses garage doors design was using wood as its material. Usually, lighthouses garage door design with wood material form in wood color, such as brown or dark brown. With little carving touch, the garage door was so beautiful in that era. Why almost lighthouses garage door using wood as its material? Because wood was easy to find in that era and of course garage door design have not evolve yet.

lighthouse garage doors

As time flies, lighthouses garage door design changed into a different one. By using steel and metal, lighthouse garage doors has different appearance than before. Lighthouse garage door that made from steel and metal has very strong accent. Looking from another side, this new design also has a modern look. So, lighthouse is not identic to something that creepy, but worth to visit. But, for the color, it usually takes a dark color, such grey or brown. I rarely found colored lighthouse garage door except in dark color as we said before.

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Because lighthouse garage doors design evolve as time flies, many architect designed the garage door more artistic. By not trying to omit its historical accent, the garage doors design always adjusts the lighthouse philosophy. Why the designs adjust the philosophy? This is because every lighthouse has its own signature and symbol. So, one lighthouse to another lighthouse is different and so with its garage door. For example, Baltic Coast Lighthouse in Poland that have ancient design. It totally looks as ancient lighthouse and so with the garage door because it made by bricks material as the body construction and wood material as the garage door construction.

metal lighthouses garage doors design

lighthouse garage doors pacific grove

Garage can be a great way for you to store things, not only the vehicles. This can also be a place for storing your things like laundries and equipment for living. But, a lighthouse garage door that made from wood is more artistic than made from steel and metal. It is more artistic because wood material reflects an ancient accent from the lighthouse garage door. It is more artistic to take a picture with a wood lighthouse garage door as the background, right? But, the point is lighthouse garage doors always evolve in many various designs. Either ancient or modern design still makes a lighthouse garage door charming to everyone who is visiting.

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