Lighting Decoration Ideas

Lighting Decoration Ideas

Lighting is essential in any room. You can have a room that has too many light that you are almost blinded and have a difficult trying to relax at night. There are other rooms that do not have enough light and make it hard for you to see what you are doing when applying your make-up. The key is to find a medium between the two. Lighting Decoration Ideas Pictures

• Natural Light

Natural light is one of the best things that you should be taking advantage of. Even if you have only one or two windows in the bedroom you need to find a way to magnify it during the day. Instead of using blinds that you will often forget to open each morning change them out for sheer curtains. White curtains are the best because they help the sun to stream through while preventing people from looking in.

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Lighting Decoration Ideas. Try not to put anything in front of the windows if at all possible. This will only block them and prevent them from allowing any light at all to come in. Remember that the more light that comes in the less you spend in energy and when you are not in the home it helps to prevent bacteria to grow.

• Lamps

Lamps are always necessary to have even if your bedroom has a ceiling fan light. If you are like me you prefer to read before you go to bed. You don’t want to have to get up and turn the ceiling light off when you are done. It is always a good thing to have a small lamp on both nightstands. These are accent lights and don’t need to be large – but proportionate to the table. Lighting Decoration Ideas

• Ceiling Light

The ceiling light should come standard in any room – but oftentimes it can look tacky and completely opposite from what we want. One way to change this and to bring in more light to your room is to change out the shades surrounding it.

If it is too bright then find frosted shades that will help to dim it slightly. If it does not provide enough light then try changing the whole unit for something larger and with more lights on it. For larger rooms you can find one that has four separate lights which can point to each area of the room to illuminate Lighting Decoration Ideas.

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Lighting Decoration Ideas

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