Lighting Made Simple: 6 Ways To Revamp Your Home’s Lighting

Whenever you think of an ideal home, you think of it to be warm in its approach. Warmth is one the most essential elements that a home must have to call you towards itself. The peaceful cosiness of the home is what we are missing in the modern age. With so many fraudulent agents who promised you to give you your dream house and ended up giving you nothing but four walls, it becomes the need of the hour to revamp your house and add a touch of warmth to it. With the mere addition of some objects like, a scripture, a vase, some old paintings or some good lightning, can actually enhance the beauty of your home. Good and right kind of lighting is a very crucial aspect of a beautifully calm home. Here are some innovative ways to revamp the lighting of your home sweet home:

  • The Curtain Calls:

Those large windows which are always covered with long curtains need to be opened for the stars and sun to peep through and provide their natural aura. Sun gives its natural positive light to your home, that too absolutely free. And who would not want to talk to the stars in the night and get a good sleep.

  • The Shade Game:

Gone are the days when people would settle for a simple looking lamp shade. Jazz up the lamps with a nice springy yarn or plain jute ropes and make it look earthy. You can also use fancy ribbons on a very plain kind of lamp shade to give it an edge.

  • Bottles, bottles, everywhere!
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Tired of collecting bottles at home? Try using them as lamp shades. Yes! You read that right. A simple plastic or glass bottle can be turned into a fancy lamp by placing the LED cork inside the bottle. Add some glitter on the outside, and get ready for a starry effect.

  • The hanging theory:

If you are facing a space crunch and yet want to have a perfect lighting set up then just try the hanging theory. Use the wasted bottles to make lampshades and give them a jazzy look while using multi coloured strings. You can form plaits or fish tails out of it and use them as a loop to hang them with.

  • Try some paints!

Paint your boring looking lampshades with hues of pastels and watch the colours soothe your mood and add light to your hectic life.

  • Some good books:

Utilise the over-read books and create creative lamps out of it. Give your room a classic look by placing these lamps near your small, nice library.

Lighting is responsible for all the emotions that a house carries. However sometimes this job of getting the right of lighting gets very tedious and only dulls the environment of the house. Furniture fitouts is one the most efficient place to get the best lighting solutions. They understand the need of every home and give them their best makeovers. Click here to find out more details.

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