Low Cost Ideas to Renovate Bathroom

Bathroom is least exposed of a dwelling area. Surely you are not receiving guests in the bathroom and spent Excluding this room in showing their homes to visitors. Also, the bathroom is the place where we seek relaxation after a long day of work, and one where we are preparing to face the new day. Here are some ideas low cost to renovate bathroom.

To change the look of a room is not always necessary to demolish and rebuild all, sometimes you just simply change the fabrics, such as curtains and carpets, or accessories and various accessories. Taps with time lose their brilliance and renew them simply use a product to clean the chrome from limestone. For the maintenance, remember to do a thorough cleaning of metal parts at least once a month.

Another intervention of renewal low cost is to modify the arrangement of the furniture in the bathroom. Often the bathrooms are too narrow for all the furnishings that must contain, so we limit these cabinets to need. We try to restore harmony to the entire room by eliminating the superfluous. In the case in which the bathroom is very large and we want to renew it, we opt for the creation of a toilet corner with a small makeup table and a stool to our liking.

The replacement of the tiles may be the right solution, but if we do not feel to go to meet this expenditure, we add a decorative frame in stucco or wood treated, the existing lining and we will see that the bathroom will have a completely new look.

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If our bathroom is decorated in classic style and we want to renew in modern style, we just paint the cabinets with a clear varnish. If the mirror has a wooden frame, to remove the grinding wheel, in such a way as to obtain the linear contours. We coat the walls with a colorful wallpapers, maybe pastel tones. To cover the tiles, use a rug rather large multicolored. Papering the tub of colorful stickers, such as: starfish, octopuses, sea horses or the minnows. We replace the old tent with a simple solid and apply some applique to the ceiling. We remove the chandelier and replace it with some spotlight, to be applied to the ceiling or the walls. If the bathroom is a washing machine, coating a grinding wheel with a colored cloth.

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