How To Make Vertical Gardening DIY

Vertical Gardening DIY – When available space to grow is very little you can resort to so-called vertical gardening, which is a great resource for both those who have only a terrace or a small balcony and for those who, despite having a garden, has only a few meters to give free free rein to his passion for gardening. Let’s see how to create a structure suitable for the purpose.

When you must necessarily give the space the only thing that you just can not do without it is the sunlight; if you’ve got an area of the terrace or garden, which has the right exposure you can exploit it to position an appropriate structure for vertical cultivation.

We have already discussed in other posts of the great possibilities offered by the vertical gardening technique and how to grow green or flowering plants, rather than vegetables and small fruits, through this style of cultivation, with excellent results without much effort.

If you are thinking you dedicate an outdoor area of your home to the vertical cultivation, tiered structure we are to talk about might just be for you; it is, in fact, a simple construction but at the same time very functional and aesthetically pleasing structure.

vertical gardens diy

The size of the structure may be different, depending on the space in which you are going to insert it, rather than your growing needs; one that we will show is perfect to be placed on a balcony, rather than in a corner of the porch or in a cleared area of the garden.

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Obviously if the structure is very high it may be difficult for the plant maintenance and should resort to the use of a ladder; an idea to insert more levels may be to limit the space between a planter and the other.

What is needed:

  • Two wooden boards cut in 5 steps
  • Two wooden planks 5 cm x 10 cm (height to be determined according to the structure)
  • Hexagon bolts with nuts
  • Wood screws
  • Washers
  • Drill and bits
  • Planters

How to do: 1. Procuring the boards already cut into steps the job will be much easier and faster; in case you are comfortable with the work with wood manuals you can do it from you.

first step to make vertical garden diy 2. Cut the wooden axis 5cm x 10cm in three parts to form the legs and the connecting cross member of the structure, this will serve as a step higher for a planter support.

garden boxes diy 3. With four screws and the corresponding washers must be established as the planters to the steps of the ladder.

indoor vertical garden diy 4. Prepare the structure, it is time to fill the planters with good soil and the plants selected for our new vertical garden.

vertical gardening diy

vertical garden diy vertical gardening diy

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