Interior Marble Floors Pros And Cons

Let’s find out all the pros and cons of the choice of marble floors for your home.

Marble floors are real works of art, since they define the home with honor and good taste. The grain of the material also gives a thousand shades on ambient light, making it hotter if the marble approaches the shades of cream, red or pink, or colder if the surface is made of blocks bluish, white or even color dark. The color of the marble power is, in fact, incredibly high, as is its value.

Interior Marble Flooring For Bathroom In Interior Marble Flooring Interior Marble Floors Pros And Cons

The marble floors are usually used to define the state rooms, because the surface is beautiful to behold. Some choices may also affect the bathroom, but rarely meet kitchens or bedrooms coated with this material, as it is particularly sensitive. In particular, we try to analyze the pros and cons of marble floors.

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Marble floors for indoor use: pros and cons

But let us now analyze the factors for and against the choice of the marble floors.

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The positive factor of marble floors is undoubtedly found in its aesthetics and in its uniqueness, because each block of material proves to be unique and never duplicated. From this derives a personal surface, which can be chosen among so many variations depending on the tastes and preferences chromatic cells. In our country there are many marble quarries, Carrara marble in the first place and the material comes in different colors, from deep green to red, from deep black to the whitest white. Here you choose a marble floor is offered as an adventure style of great beauty, which can accompany with absolute quality housing.

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How to clean marble floors

If the marble floors of strengths lay mainly in its aesthetics, the weaknesses are unfortunately sought in his gentle soul. Marble is a special material, which needs to be stepped gently and also treated with special detergents. It is unthinkable to employ the marble to a massive use, in that its surface would immediately spoil, for which its use is ideal for environments that are employed so park and attentive.

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At the same time, the marble floors are not waterproof, absorb liquids and can be stained indelibly. This factor does not make them ideal for kitchens also for the bathroom floors, even if many choices are turning in this direction. The marble tends to become opaque over time, so it is necessary to revive it using suitable detergents or by relying on delicate compounds made in house. What is certain is that on balance, probably, its care and maintenance weigh much.

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Prices of marble floors

A final factor that must be considered in relation to marble floors affects their cost. It is floors, as we have noted, very fine, therefore present a high cost of raw material and also a substantial cost in the pose and in the treatment of the material. Beautiful, shiny, scenic, marble floors offer maximum aesthetics, but the price to pay, in practical terms and economic proves, unfortunately, quite high.

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Net of laying the cost ranges from a base of about $203 – $225 US per square meter for a solution of resin and gravel of marble tiles but leavens substantially depending on the quality of the marble (Italian, foreign) and of its degree of finishing. The solution to travel in a quarry and buy a block we see remote, labor costs could be very, very high, it is true that there is the possibility to choose the quality directly and without intermediation costs.

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