Modern Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom is one of the busiest areas in a home. A well-decorated and full-functional bathroom adds to the resale value of a home. That’s the reason why most homeowners pay special attention to the design and decor of this room. It is important to note that decorating a large bathroom isn’t as challenging and difficult as designing a small bathroom. This is mainly because of the limited space available in small rest rooms.

large vintage style free standing bathroom basin vanity unit with twin storage drawers

If you are planning on remodeling or renovation of your small bathroom, there are some really interesting modern bathroom storage ideas. Some of thee ideas include the following:

Use Different Types of Cabinets

Wooden bathroom cabinets with modern storage for towels

There are different types of cabinets that you can use to maximize the storage space in your bathroom. Some of these include wall-mounted and below the sink cabinets. You can also install a storage cabinet above the toilet. Another option in cabinets is slender cabinets that can be installed into corners.

Pullout Shelves and Drawers

pull out shelves drawers for bathroom

Bathrooms towels ideas include storage cabinet and tile wall

These storage options not only look attractive, but they also provide ample storage space. They are a perfect option for adding a modern look to a simple bathroom. You can install them in an easily accessible spot. There are step-back shelves that can be installed on a roll out track in the bathroom cabinet in order to add another pullout option.

Shower Storage

shower storage solutions

Most people don’t think of adding storage to the shower area. There are various types of hanging shelves that can be added to the shower area, such as hanging shelves and tilt-out bins.

Bathroom Storage Units

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Bathrooms towels ideas include storage cabinet and tile wall

They are available in different shapes, colors and sizes to meet the needs of all types of bathrooms. They come with a wide variety of creative storage options. You can use a large vanity unit that can store all your toiletries.

Drawers and Dividers

Small bathroom storage with towel in stairs

Drawers and dividers not only provide ample space for storage, but also they can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Drawers are ideal to store smaller items, such as makeup and medicines. Consider using pullout drawers below the sink. For dividers, consider using plastic or wire dividers.

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