Modern Doormat Outdoor in the Innovative Materials

The doormat is an indispensable complement to preserve the cleanliness, hygiene and order of each house. While maintaining its functionality, the greatest designers in the world have always tried to experiment with new materials, to achieve more and more resistant models, easy to clean and maintain over time.

Input welcome doormat home

That is how the classical carpets with synthetic fabric surface, short-haired, it turned to doormats made of innovative materials, among which: the coconut fiber; the stain resistant fabrics; rubber, resins and other plastics.

In this process of experimentation, industry experts have thought especially to housewives, putting on the market products made of materials that allow it to save effort, time, energy and money, to keep them clean.

modern rugs modern doormat outdoor black river stone

Once the raw material better suited to achieve these results, it moved to the aesthetic experimentation. Prints, lettering, characters and color palettes …, have been used to enhance the surfaces of modern rugs, creating complements characterized by the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

maude modern doormats large size for outdoor

Let’s see in detail some of the most successful models.

Modern, attractive, inspired by the industrial style, the Model Code Barre, No 147513 of HMT.

It is a doormat by rectangular entrance: 40 cm wide, and 70 cm in length. Entirely made of coconut fiber, with a surface area of ​​white people, on which stand out in black typical auctions and the many numbers that make up the barcodes.

doormat industrial style entrance

modern doormat outdoor with painted door mat ideas

A simple carpet to clean, that does not haling dirt, moisture and dust. An extremely practical complement and at the same time very aesthetically impactful. Perfect for giving access to rooms furnished in a contemporary style. Great price.

stainless doormat with rubber circles contemporary doormats

More and coconut fiber is made the flagship model of JVL. This is the Doormat as input “Welcome Home”.

A complement of rectangular form: 40 cm wide, 70 cm long, practical, convenient and easy to clean. His real strength has to do with the aesthetic component.

welcome doormat home input

It is, in fact, a very attractive model for representing a letter, sent in English-speaking countries, with the Londoners typical colors, namely white, blue and red, with a lot of creative stamp bearing the words “Home Sweet Home” and with a footprint giant to replace the postmark.

simple for personalized doormat

An original work of art as well as functional. A masterpiece of aesthetics and practicality.

No coconut fiber, but equally durable materials and easy to clean, the Model Silver Relaxdays.

It is a doormat of rectangular shape, of 40 cm to 60 cm; realized in a composition of strategical materials: rubber and steel.

modern rugs modern doormat outdoor black river stone

Rubber, making it a stable complement, flat on the floor, easy to clean because it does not retain dirt and extremely durable; steel, making it a stable complement to the dominant aesthetic.

shaggy practical cute heart shape carpet area rug slip resistant doormat kids rug for living

A surface pitted, shining, shockproof, removable and can be polished with a damp cloth, making this the ideal model doormat entrance to give access to housing furnished in modern style, with maximum attention to detail.

doormat doormat outdoor dor mat outdoor rug

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