Modern Wallpaper: Prices and Emerging Trends

Modern wallpaper: here are the emerging trends, going from LED to wallpaper 3D cards, the Zen inspirations and closing with some uses unconventional.

The modern wallpaper is conquering more and more followed in the present, because it is a form of versatile finish, excellent from the material point of view, but especially dramatic in the extreme. Not surprising to understand that many people employ modern wallpaper for covering walls or portions of them, to make the rooms more comfortable and beautiful home.

The paper next generation wallpaper offers a yield much higher than in the past, it can be found in vinyl version and therefore usually inserted in moist environments such as the bathroom and the kitchen, without fear that spoil or create molds.

modern wallpaper baby room

At the same time, the graphic changes and improvements to the material makes it possible to generate wallpaper wonderful modern cards, who can satisfy all tastes and with a few leaves can make it charming or vitamin a room. But what are the major trends in modern wallpaper? Let’s find out together:

3D Paper Modern Wallpaper

3D wallpaper has always fascinated people and be able to change a draw wall into a 3D situation is tempting to many.

Here is born cards by modern parts with three-dimensional effect, thanks to intelligent graphic create interesting optical effects, beautiful to put in the living and perfect to complete rooms to more daring bed.

modern bedroom wallpaper pattern

Wallpaper Geographical Map

The maps: geographical maps are experiencing a golden age in modern wallpaper.

From simple old-style maps to the representations of space, the modern wallpaper looks at the geography and draws inspiration from it for decorating walls that can become a reference point in their studies, but also complete with different style environments.

map wallpaper eclectic living room

Wallpaper LED

The modern wallpaper looks at the LED technology and is mixed with it to create a truly spectacular walls.

It can be a card that recalls the sky or the circuits of a computer, because the imagination has no limit in this field. The result is a wallpaper that lights up at will, uses very few energy resources and making each unique and friendly environment.

modern LED wallpaper

Paper Zen wallpaper

Zen. The modern wallpaper looks at the Zen philosophy to decorate the common areas, but especially the bathroom and bedrooms.

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The desire is to create a restful space, dedicated to the welfare and regeneration. The whole is completed with the use of neutral colors, clear and highly restful, to generate hot environments but chromatically cozy.

modern wallpaper for kitchen

Modern wallpaper and not: some uses creative and unconventional

Here are some very beautiful examples about using the wallpaper giving vent to creativity.

The wallpaper is a great low cost expedient to transform the rooms of the house and furnish any space effortlessly, using the power of colors and fantasies. Very fashionable a few decades ago, the wallpaper is back in vogue in Italy – in America and in England is used in large quantities and is considered particularly chic.

modern living room wallpaper

It is not mandatory to completely cover the walls of a wallpaper environment: the beauty of the wallpaper is its versatility and the ability to use it in a creative and unusual. Here are some ideas to play with modern wallpaper, in particular, creating original and unique spaces of their kind.

Wallpaper: use geometric shapes

Let’s take a look at the image below to understand what we’re talking about. In this case we have been juxtaposed different wallpapers that cover a kitchen wall with geometric shapes.

To use this way the wallpaper you need to buy more sheets with special fantasies, studying a proper pattern and then cut and paste the wallpaper as desired. The project is reserved for very precise and meticulous person, or you will risk to mess things up!

modern purple bedroom wallpaper

Modern wallpaper for the nursery

Continuing the theme of the wallpaper cutout, why not take advantage of the beautiful colorful patterns of the wallpaper to decorate the children’s room? In the picture we can admire a beautiful unicorn, a fawn and a flamingo made creatively.

Here there is no limit to the imagination, and you can use ready-made stencils to create different shapes.

modern childrens wallpaper

Wallpaper: original use in the kitchen

To give new life to a kitchen that has everything you can apply the wallpaper only on a specific area such as the island or peninsula.

This will be enough to add personality to a kitchen that no one knows how to renew.

modern kitchen wallpaper ideas

The wallpaper to renew a closet and the bedroom

And what about the paper wallpaper in the closet? Perfect to decorate the inside of a closet, especially if in a clear and colorful fantasy that adds brightness to an enclosed space and dark.

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Renew old furniture has never been easier: with a little ‘fantasy, glue and a plan in mind you can do great things. For example, the ornate chest of drawers image; simple and effective.

Not all beds have a headboard. To avoid this you can use a cheap gimmick, and nice to see, that is the wallpaper: if attacked behind the bed can create the optical illusion of a particular headboard and give that something extra to the bedroom.

blue spring wallpaper idea for bedroom with charming bedlamp and wooden bedside table

Continuing the theme of the bedroom, that’s the wallpaper turns into a work of art and becomes a picture to be displayed above the bed. To take advantage of the effect “framework” you can think of to frame the wallpaper with a white border, which will make the experience even more stunning effect.

With a wallpaper from the particular fantasies you can really indulge themselves; in the image, for example, a wallpaper flowers has been applied on the wall by cutting out with precision the flowers and leaves. The result is intriguing and delicate, different.

To make high plus a small room with a low ceiling and you can harness the power of vertical stripes. With multiple lines of paper from different wallpapers and vertical lines, the room changes completely face.

Another interesting game that you can do with the wallpaper is the overlap. After spreading a first layer of wallpaper, you can cut other pieces of the same imagination and apply them on the same, so as to create the slightly three-dimensional optical effects.

With the colored tape you can choose to give a “rustic” feel to wallpaper, framing it in a deliberately visible. This method is suitable for a home decor taste shabby chic, with lots of wood and vintage furnishings.

Blue summer bedroom with feature wallpaper

Modern wallpaper for wainscoting: some ideas

The paneling can be chosen to total wall, or cover the wall from ‘head to foot’, or partial, thus affect only a portion of it while the other can be coated with paper from walls or painted with the normal painting.

This solution is the daughter of British taste, and almost all the walls of the British and Irish homes have walls divided into two parts, where the first section is covered with wood paneling, while the second includes painting or wallpaper. But as you can match the paneling decorated with wallpaper?

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The coupling between the two coatings depends on the effect stylistic that you want to obtain. Those who love the pompous and very chic country solutions can be associated to a white wainscoting and decorated a pretty floral wallpaper, showing the ultra-classic roses or playing with other types of flowers.

It is a sweet and romantic choice, which is well introduced in the bedroom, but who can make even the most special and interesting anonymous living.

bedroom ideas bedroom designs wallpaper impressive simple wallpaper designs for walls on decor with simple wallpaper designs in contemporary bedroom wallpaper mural photos

Wallpaper for paneling from the original style

At the same time, the birth of modern wainscoting and the contemporary, the driest stretches in their aesthetic definition and lighter material in effect, allows you to enter the most graphic wallpaper, which looks at the effects optical 60s and 70s, but also the introduction of multi-color stripes. This choice is offered for those who want to furnish your home with simple taste, but without sacrificing the warmth and enveloping effect of the paneling.

A choice of style lies in associating a very dark wood paneling, and preferred in wenge or dark walnut versions cards from oriental-inspired wallpaper. The ‘Japanese’ effect allows you to decorate the living room and even the bedrooms with a lot of taste, and well is completed with a massive furniture and classic traits. The paneling can then be chosen in a version too heavy, but the lightness of Japanese motifs, graphics or floral, introduces a refined and hyper attention to detail. But there are several options that include the use of modern wallpaper.

Those who love the taste industrial can choose to insert a laminated wood paneling, or made with strips that remind the dear old ” wooden beads. The proposal may be preferred in the basic variants of gray, white or black, or choice in unexpected versions like red lacquer.

How to complete this proposal? With a modern wallpaper or ‘urban’ or who are able to propose urban and industrial elements like the English brick or recall an important effect in the concrete walls.

It is a very pleasant aesthetic variant, which is not tired, and that can be used to define intelligence and charisma living rooms and bedrooms.

modern wallpaper

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