15 Ideas Natural Stone in The Bathroom

An interesting study on the use of natural stone in the bathroom but we will also talk of the stone veneer, less expensive.

The stone, noble and ancient material, is increasingly being used adorned the original bathroom, especially in its modern reconstructed version. The stone is divided, in fact, in two main versions:

  • the natural stone, extracted in quarries and then used to define portions of the inhabited. It maintains its original form and is inserted in the contexts creating pleasant surfaces, where the raw nature of the material remains unchanged.
  • the reconstructed stone, that is, a material of natural origin which is worked to present in advance homogeneity in the surface, in the shape and size.

Bathroom Interior Classic Concept Bathroom Design With Natural Stone With Regard To Natural Stone In Bathroom Natural Stone In The Bathroom

In the first case, the natural stone in the bathroom is revealed as a choice of great value, since the material is expensive and can give the stylistic effects of undoubted elegance. Natural stone is the most used in the definition of bathroom are Leccese stone, the pleasant cream-colored veins and even the slate, from the beautiful black and gray veining. Them associate it with many granite and the marble. The main natural stone characteristic lies in its raw nature, in its imperfection that decrees the beauty.

Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops Throughout Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops 15 Ideas Natural Stone In The Bathroom

The stone veneer is proposed, in the second case, as a cheaper alternative to natural stone in the bathroom. Many people choose it because it knows how to give pleasant optical effects and has an infinitely lower cost than natural stone. It is of blocks that have a great uniformity in the measurements and in the form, as well as in the surface. Its use therefore reveals a balanced character, and the surfaces where it is placed is either uniform. Also here is our guide to the stone floor which I recommend reading.

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Natural Stone Tile Bathroom Bathroom Tile With Stone Tile Bathroom With Natural Stone In Bathroom Natural Stone In The Bathroom

The stone in the bathroom can be used in many ways. The most scenic affecting the walls and the floors, or the most important of the bathroom coatings. The wallpaper of stone, especially natural, based on the healthiness of absolute canons, since the stone is a material which breathes naturally. A bit ‘more complex the discussion related to cleaning, because it is an irregular material, which deserves to be accepted for her so special nature. The stone can also be used in the finishing of bathtubs, top of the sink and also to complete some portions of the wall, in combination with the simple masonry or in sections finished in other materials.

Awesome Bathroom With A Natural Stone Wall In Natural Stone In Bathroom Natural Stone In The Bathroom

Bathroom Tile Natural Stone 2016 Pertaining To Natural Stone In Bathroom Natural Stone In The Bathroom

Whatever the choice, the stone in the bathroom reveals character and a deep aesthetic research carried out by the inhabitants. Unlike other materials, such as wood or porcelain stoneware, the stone requires minimal care but can not be sanitized to 100%, whether it be of natural stone that rebuilt. Ultimately, the use of natural stone in the bathroom can be read as an important choice of style, which requires a compromise between functionality and aesthetics, where the second absolute wins the game.

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