How to Organize Your Books in Your Home Library

Home library furniture – A library of home can be a little overwhelming, whether you have a large collection of books that are not organized in any particular order, especially if you plan to re-read some of the titles. Organize your home library should not assume the Dewey decimal system that many public libraries use, but I want to be able to easily sort and find titles by category, subject and author. A simple reorganization can make your library a lot more user-friendly and attractive to you, your family and guests.

How to organize home library furniture:

1. Remove all the books from your shelves and place them on the floor in three groups: non-fiction, reference and fiction. Place them so that the titles are easy to read and books are easy to access – in other words, do not stack them.

2. Sort these groupings in minor categories: for example, non-fiction books can be ordered in diet groups, biography, self-help, in writing or any themes find common between at least two books. Order sub-categories in alphabetical order by title, if there are only a few, or author, if you have more books by the same author. Books by the same author should be listed in alphabetical order.

3. Determine what the shelves are to be used for non-fiction, reference and fiction based on how many books you have in any collection. Organize your shelves a collection at a time, by category in alphabetical order – for example, for aviation would be non-fiction, birds, cooking, diving; Order the novel would be historical, sci-fi, western. Reference books should be grouped in one area according alphabetic categories as well.

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4. Reserve tall, deep shelves for coffee-table books or pictures that do not fit in standard racks. If some books are too big for one of your shelves, you can group them on a shelf under a light coffee table, or put them on the floor as a “art” accessory with bookends holds them, as if the floor was another shelf.

5. Fill the open spaces on the shelves by placing it face forward select the books on the shelf for added effect. Small objects of art and furniture items can be placed in the center of large open areas on the shelves.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you lend books from the library, you may want to include a library stamp / label inside books that includes your name. These labels are available in bookstores. Keep track of who your books and when you have lent them.
  • If the library is exceptionally large, you might want to catalog every book in a logbook or with cataloging software. You could also label the shelves by category with the labeling tape.
  • If there are small children in your home, keep your precious books out of their reach. Put their books on the bottom shelves if they have access to the room you are using to view your library.

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