Outdoor Planter Wood and Metal Design

Outdoor planter: Here you find some very interesting proposals and of wooden planters elegant exterior but also in other materials.

With the arrival of summer the design planters are elements that deserve to be exhibited in the balconies, to make the accommodation of more pleasant flowers and also to ensure a certain aesthetic space, especially if the outdoor planter faces in a pedestrian area or visible from the outside.

The design planters are interesting elements, which are looking for clear lines know to associate the utmost care for materials and some attention to the accommodation of the plants. It is well made and elements which as such can be used for many years without breaking due to the sun and the weather. We discover a selection of the best design planters, from which to draw inspiration for the decoration of our green spaces.

Outdoor planter: our selection

outdoor planters Oasis

Among the finest designer planters we find the proposal of Bocu Citysi.

It is a harbinger in steel that intersects two geometric shapes, a box and a cylinder.

metal outdoor planters

The cube is then emptied and the geometric essence of Bocu planter design is revealed in all its simplicity.

It is elegant elements, which melt a very thin base and employ as support also for vessels of large dimensions. Beautiful color palette that ranges from acid dyes to the more neutral, to suit all tastes and decorate with color harmony outdoor spaces.

planter for external

White is by definition the color of purity and hue and exterior spaces is used to complete modern environments, but also tastefully decorated and shabby seaside.

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The stone designs planter talent knows accommodate all these styles in a single composition, cool and dry, suitable for those who love to decorate with sobriety outdoor spaces.

outdoor wood planter plans

Who luckily has important spaces can play with the forms and choose to designs modular planters from the soul. A good example can be sought in the proposals Planters System Sachi, a modular structure able to decorate a wall with pots and plants, maintaining a delicate style, simple and highly geometric.

outdoor metal planter external

Who, finally, research design planters from furnishing power can turn to the eternal magic of wood and the Oasis of Ethimo solution. It is a structure made of wood and available in different colors, which can be placed against a wall and also used to accommodate the climbing plants.

A wooden planter made from an old trunk

how to make a wood planter

We change now with this kind example of creative recycling: look how beautiful this planter made of the trunk of a fallen tree, very elegant and perfect for a garden. It is often seen in mountain villages where after heavy snowfall in winter fir trees that fall are many, especially the older ones.

outdoor planter outdoor wood planters

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