How To Do Overhead Door Garage Maintenance

Increasingly it is spreading the habit to install in garages of some nice overhead doors homes for their operation and for the recovery of the spaces. In fact, since these doors open upwards, they allow to better occupy the available space inside the garage and give also the possibility of placing a larger number of garage occupying a smaller space. This type of overhead door still require maintenance to be carried out periodically. In the course of the guide describes how to operate this service and what is the right action to be taken to avoid any damage.

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Be sure to have on hand:

  • Gear grease
  • Screwdrivers
  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles (optional)

The first thing to keep in mind is that the overhead doors are constructed with a stainless metal such as zinc, and consequently they do not need external maintenance such as the use of protective coatings to prevent that are rusting. A different factor instead is to keep in mind for what concerns the mechanical part of the door: the maintenance work that must be done therefore focuses on mechanical components such as the engine and the rope.

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Since in fact the mechanical part is constituted by a steel rope placed on the two side of the frame which allows the ease in opening and closing, must do the maintenance of the strings is that the pulleys that allow these movements. To do this you have to open the overhead door and a scale approaching the pulleys placed at the top of the two vertical side frames. At this point you have to take a bit ‘of gear grease and wipe it with a screwdriver in the pulley wheel. Be careful not to put your hands in the vicinity of the pulley itself or in the movement of the door points to avoid being crushed.

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Always with the help of a screwdriver, move the fat along the steel rope. At this point it is necessary to repeatedly open and close the door so as to allow the lubrication of the moving mechanical parts of the door. We must periodically repeat this operation especially if you hear a creaking during the opening and closing of the door itself.

It is strongly advised to first take all necessary precautions to start working with, such as the use of gloves and, if necessary, plastic goggles to protect your eyes.

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