Paint The Ceiling To Give Your Room A New Look!

When you decide to paint interior of your home of the first things that come to mind are the colors you want to paint the walls and how you can make decorative appearance walls and make your rooms have a more attractive appearance, but does not never give any thought to paint the ceiling? Well, paint the ceiling may seem strange, but by doing so you can make the look and feel different and elegant room. Paint the ceiling can completely change the look of your home.

Paint the ceiling can magically transform the room and match the color palette, plus it makes decorating even easier. For example, if a room has high ceilings and then paint a darker color can make the room warm and cozy, and if you want to make the room look bigger than you can paint the ceiling a lighter color. Remember, it is not necessary that you paint your roof, depending on the color of the walls, though you can certainly make a larger or smaller room and add a touch of style and flow throughout the house.

How to decorate and paint all the rooms of your home, you should really pay attention to their roofs. Remember to follow these important rules when you decide to paint their roofs:

1). Before starting to paint the ceiling, it is very important to clean with hot water and soap. The dust in your home can build up on the roof, especially if you have ceiling fans or AC ducts ceiling traps. The panels can be cleaned with a mixture of bleach and water. Properly cleaning the ceiling before painting is essential for the paint can cover without problems and in a uniform manner.

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2). Before using the paint of the roof it is important because with paint on any surface, to correctly apply a coat of primer on the ceiling hand. Apply a coat of primer on the roof will ensure that your coat of paint dries properly, smoothly and evenly.

3). It’s always better to remain constant while you are painting. For best results, brush or roller in the same direction, so that will evenly coat ceiling provided the paint.

4). Before starting to paint the ceiling is very important to have these important elements in hand, the latex primer, paint bucket and / or paint roller tray, bleach, spray bottle, water, rags, newspapers and / or canvas. These are essential tools to have when you start painting. It ‘also a good idea to have a fabric that can cover the entire surface of the floor of the room where you want to paint the ceiling.

5). For the color to use to paint the ceiling takes into account the color of the walls, furniture and decoration, controls a variety of color palettes and do some “journey” to paint small coverage areas, where it meets the wall. Above all, use your imagination to make your room look unique!

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