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The passive house conceived by the German physicist Wolfgang Feist and from Swedish Bo Adamson, is a house whose main goal is to greatly reduce energy consumption.

Most passive house are located in Germany and in France, in Italy there are about a hundred, spread to the North.

The benefits brought by a passive house in terms of energy consumption are very high, in a year requires a maximum of 1.5 liters of fuel or 1.5 cubic meters of methane gas per square meter of living space, thus consuming the 90% less than traditional homes.

Passive House Scheme Plan Regarding Passive House Passive House Design

Passive house: how is the savings

The passive house has reduced energy requirements, this is because specifically designed and engineered to exploit passive sources of heat such as solar radiation, thermal inertia but also the warmth of the people inhabiting the house (per hour a person sends about 80 watts of energy to the surroundings).

The thermal insulation, the absence of thermal bridges, the study of the shading and the use of an internal ventilation system to avoid heat dispersion, high interior comfort and a very low environmental impact.

To get the energy certification, the passive house must meet certain criteria as to not exceed 15 kw /m annual total energy consumption for domestic heating.

The main drawback of the passive house, as we shall see, is currently the cost issue. Are still high but depreciable assets in about ten years thanks to the great savings made.

Passive House Design Pertaining To Passive House Passive House Design

Passive House: the distinctive features

But we see better what are the characteristics that allow us to define the passive houses.

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This is not a single factor, but several factors that work hand in hand. In a passive house combines a careful choice of materials to a careful and refined architectural design. This is to eliminate any thermal bridge brought home and then making it perfectly isolated from external agents.

Pumpkin Ridge Passive House Hammer And Hand Portland Green Home Throughout Passive House Passive House Design

The insulation, which is made with materials of different kinds, a passive house Associates external energy collection systems, like cells or solar panels, which are connected with heat pumps and which therefore deal with produce the energy needed for the inhabitants throughout the year.

These systems are sophisticated hyper, presenting a cost undoubtedly relevant, but that over the years offer an excellent savings, perfect to amortize the costs incurred during the construction phase.

Every element that is the passive house is made with the utmost care and attention, methodologies of coating up to the fixtures. If observing certain materials or certain components for home we notice the words ‘ passive house ‘ these elements are typically designed and used in these types of designs.

Passive House Save Everyday Green Homes And Energy Efficiency With Regard To Passive House Passive House Design

Passive house certification

Let us remember that Passive House, or passive house is a certifying body present in Bolzano, which aims to train engineers who design these homes, to verify any goodness, and then to reward them with a certification considered very important, as it will exponentially increase the value of the building so built.

The goodness of this type of House is measured by its design, the materials used to create it and is constantly monitored by tests that are performed to assess its effectiveness.

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These are tests that check the tightness and the degree of resistance to atmospheric agents and which are based on monitoring of savings achieved over time. On balance, it’s very expensive homes, which require a design done by real professionals and therefore are actually affordable for a select few.

The result proves, however, extraordinary, if well conceived. The construction of passive houses can mean the start of a sustainable, ecological architecture and completely devoted to the preservation of energy resources of our planet.

The high quality of life, energy saving and low environmental impact make the passive house a possible architecture trend over the next few years.

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