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Not everyone knows that playing creates a huge impact in the life of a child. In a very busy word, a lot of parents are so tired in their regular chores that they forgot to check if their kids are still enjoying the toys that they currently have. As a parent, it is so essential to acknowledge that playing is not just leisure for a child but it is one of the best ways for them to learn new things. Pretending offers you child learning enhancement and it also helps them boost their self-esteem too. Through playing they can learn how to become sociable and they can learn how to share their toys with other kids. But the type of toy to give your child is an important concern of a lot of parents too. An example play kitchen set is Dora kitchen. Dora kitchen set is a funny toy for children aged over 3 years. These toys such as mini kitchen appliance packages that can be played with by a child exclaimed with a wide variety of toys.

dora kitchen set

Well, Dora kitchen set offers a lot of benefits to both parents and kids and it is also very affordable since you just have to buy the kits and then build it yourself. The imaginative minds play of young kids often replicates real life.

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Playing with craft kitchen by recycling some of the materials you have at home or just by checking some of the local thrift shops near you can help in finding affordable deals while keeping the environmental safe at the same time.

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dora kitchen

You can make the stove made up of old nightstand from drawers; you can make it fascinating by also making pots and pans there. There are pots and pans that can be bought from some kid’s store near you so there won’t be any problem in making the kids kitchen set complete.

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The steps in making DIY kids kitchen set

First thing you should do is to take off the handles from the nightstand, make sure that you measure the width of its back because later on you will use this measurement to cut scrap pieces. The pieces will serve as the stove’s backsplash for the knobs of the burner. Lay the nightstand with the back faced up. Put the backsplash straightly. Drill the 3 pilot holes just across the back of the back splash and then through the nightstand. Drill on the wood to screws in the holes to secure.

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Next is to sand the nightstand the rough surfaces before painting it. Clean the nightstand using a cloth to eradicate the dirt and the dust brought about by sanding. Take off the drawers if they are not yet removed. You can paint them too if you want to make them more classy for kids.

To make a very good play kitchen for your kid, you have to use your imagination and your creativity at the same time. You will not just be able to entertain them but you can also make them use their imagination for hours and give them fun too. Though you can also buy sets at the mall, it’s different if you will make them a set using your skills and creativity. This is also more inexpensive compared to ready to use play set at the mall.

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