Practical Tips for Decorate Gardens, Terraces and Balconies

Have a garden attached to your home, or a large terrace and a long balcony, nowadays is very lucky. This is because after a long and harsh winter, locked up between work and home, we all shoot the immense desire to live more open spaces and enjoy the summer.

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In anticipation of the arrival of spring and summer even more, gardens, terraces and balconies, must be properly furnished, to make them maximally comfortable place, suitable to host family and friends, helpful to indulge in a little ‘relaxation in the open air, fundamental to escape the heat of the interior and breathe fresh air, being in good company.

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From the aesthetic point of view, having a garden or a well-furnished terrace and well-kept, so much value to their homes. From the functional point of view, to have a beautiful garden or a large terrace means you can take advantage of additional space to the internal ones, to accommodate friends and family, to enjoy a lot of company, to live intensely their summer, freeing themselves from the bad memories of winter.

brilliant ideas to decorate your small balcony with mini gardens

Where to start to decorate perfectly outdoor environments, matching as much as possible aesthetics and functionality?

The answer of Design experts readily comes to our rescue: a large gazebo, to create an area of ​​dining, important to protect from the sun and the furniture to determine the focal point from which to develop the rest.

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A gazebo provides shade and thus the livability of a garden, even during the hottest hours; It defines the spaces to be set up with tables and chairs and space to leave gaps to be exploited in other ways (for relaxation, fun). A key element of furniture for any outdoor area of ​​medium-large size.

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Beautiful balcony gardens ideas small apartments

After choosing the most suitable location of the garden gazebo, you must think of decorating their gray area, with table and chairs.

A set of table and chairs, placed in an area outside of our sunny garden or terrace, is a guarantee of hospitality, comfort and sharing. In the long and beautiful summer evenings there is nothing better than to entertain friends and family outdoors, gather around a table and share in the joy so many rumors and so much good food.

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In addition to official meetings, around the table, if space available to us is large enough it is good to acquire additional seats, maybe placed at strategic points to ensure the opportunity to appreciate the entire landscape around our house.

How to decorate gardens terraces and balconies for your home

Useful bench, comfortable seat, solid but easy to handle, so it can be moved to various points of the garden or terrace, depending on our needs, is a useful piece of furniture and spectacular, really indispensable.

A session a little different from the bench, two more seats, designed to relax but also to stay pleasantly in the company, is the rocking.

balcony decorating ideas on a budget

A rocking outdoors is a real cuddle that the landlord intends to treat themselves. Have a swing in the garden or terrace means not only enjoy the fresh air, the scenery, the company, but also lulled and transport in an atmosphere of tranquility and general well-being.

In addition to thinking of living in the open spaces of sharing and companionship atmosphere, you should also equip them to enjoy the deserved relaxation in perfect solitude.

how to decorate mini garden in your balcony

That’s a cot outside, a deck chair or chaise longue to lie are highly desirable, to rest, to think of their mental and physical well-being, to admire the stars lying landscape that lights the sky, right on our heads , feeling in harmony with the world.

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In addition to furnishing the official, to really make it livable a garden in the summer it is important to equip it to ensure maximum cleanliness, order and use of space.

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That vases, amphorae and door plants of every form and genre are irreplaceable instruments for the staging of outdoor environments especially in the summer where the greenery gives feeling of comfort, relaxation and freedom.

The exterior furnishing functional category includes primarily the trunks or crates to store various tools and materials needed to take care of the entire environment over time.

small balcony decorating ideas on a budget

Once taken measures to ensure the general order, must move to ensure good lighting of spaces, with the choice of appropriate instruments.

Lamps and lamp outdoor, wall or floor, are a guarantee of accessibility of open spaces even in the hours when darkness falls, which incidentally are also the freshest of the day and therefore the most pleasant of the summer season.

apartment balcony decorating ideas on a budget

The light sources, as is well known, unfortunately attract insects. And insects are the main cause of the lack of success of an organized evening with friends and family in our garden/terrace.

To avoid toil much in the preparations, and then blow up everything because of the presence of insects, it is appropriate to use some strategy. Experts advise to decorate the exterior with scented candles, curtains and mosquito prick platelets or other tools needed to banish the threat of insects and thus fundamental to save their evening.

After identifying the areas of furnishing the garden or terrace and considered the leading expert tips to proceed in their set-up, it just has to make the most appropriate choices to our tastes and our pockets, to make a busy summer season, lived air fully open, a very eventful period and emotions.

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