How to Program Garage Door Opener Easily?

Garage door opener is now available to bring an easy access to open your garage automatically. This system is now available for many cars like jeep and Mercedes. This built-in garage door opener is known as the home link system. This garage door opener helps you to not waste your energy and time to open your garage. In fact, people with the home link system have been equipped with a manual. Yet, the manual can be not easy to follow or it may be lost. As a result, this article provides you with ways to program garage door opener easily which only takes around 5 up to15 minutes. These easy ways can found it in the following sections.

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Setting up the garage door opener

Before setting up the garage door opener, you need to consider some important things. One of the indispensable things is about a place where you park your vehicle when you program garage door opener. It is suggested that you park your vehicle outside your garage. Another essential thing that you need to know is about the battery. You have to make sure that your garage door opener devices have been installed with the new battery. It is important to bring better performance in programming the home link system.

Four simple ways to activate the garage door opener

There are four easy steps that you are able to do in order to set up the home link system. The first step refers to press and hold the two outer transmitter buttons for a while. You need to hold it around 5 up to 20 seconds depending on the version and manufacture. You should not press and hold these buttons for more than 30 seconds. Release the buttons after your EVIC display shows “channel cleared”. Don’t repeat the first step because it can reset everything. The second step is that put your hand-held transmitter around 3 until 8 cm away from the garage door opener buttons. At that moment, press and hold the two buttons at the same time. Press and hold it until the EVIC display shows “channel 1/2/3 training” and “channel 1/2/3 trained”. If it shows ”did not train”, redo the 2nd step. The third step is that you need to press and hold the buttons again until the EVIC display indicates “channel 1/2/3 transmit”. This notification means that your program is complete. The press “learn” or “smart“ around 30 seconds at the garage door receiver which is a provided tool with a hanging antenna. Now, you are able to start your device. Fourth, return to your car. Now, press and hold your set-up buttons around 2 seconds. Then, press, hold and release. You may possibly need to repeat hold, press and release depending on the manufacture of your garage door opener system. Finally, you have finished setting up your homelink system. If your garage door opener device is not working properly, you have to make sure the kind of your homelink system. Another option can be done by visiting the website of your homelink system.

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