How To Program Garage Door Opener

How to program garage door opener is the most common question if you have a new garage door opener. As you may have known, there are many brands and manufacturers when it comes to garage door. And each of them has different manual to program. So programming garage door opener really depends on brands, models, and types of garage door you have. Now, we’re discussing about programming one of the famous manufacturers; Genie. Genie garage door openers are widely used. If you have one, here are some things you need to know about that.

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Programming Genie Garage Door Opener

First, you need to check your remote control or keypad types. There are many types of remote control and keypad you can find in Genie. For Genie keypad, there are several types you can check. The keypad is something you need to look at series number or model. Currently, the latest version of keypad from Genie is wireless keypad entry system with intellicode. There are three types of color you can choose. In older models, you can find white wireless keypad, black slide up cover wireless keypad with Genie and intellicode, black slide up cover wireless keypad with Genie name only, and wired keypad.

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What about remote control? You can also find several types of it in Genie. The current models are 3-button remote, 1-button remote, 3-button remote with single frequency 390Mhz, Genie Master remote, closed confirm remoteand network adapter. Once you check your model type, you should visit its official website to find manual for installation and programming which is downloadable in PDF format. If you’re not sure about that, you can also watch a tutorial video about programming your remote control provided in Genie’s website. For remote control, if you have model made before 1993, you need to find the special instruction in Genie.

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Adding or Reprogram a Remote Control

Yes, it’s possible to do that. First, you need to press and let got the LEARN button on your unit of garage door opener. The indicator light will blink for about 30 seconds. During the 30 seconds period, you need to press and keep holding the button on your remote. After that, let go the button when the light in your unit glow. If there’s no light bulb installed in it, you’ll hear two clicks anyway.

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You can also erase all codes from the unit memory in your motor. First, you need to press and keep holding the LEARN button until you find the indicator light blinks out (at least about 6 seconds). Now, every single data in it has been erased. After every information in it gets wiped out, you can reprogram it. Press and keep holding ENTER button. After that, let go the button when the light in the unit glows. Like before, if you don’t have light bulb installed, you’ll hear two clicks. However, those steps are for those which are not related to HomeLink system. If your remote is compatible with HomeLink system, there are other steps to follow in how to program garage door opener.

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How to program garage door opener

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