Pros And Cons of Buying a House with a Pool

Buying a house with a pool – Hints, tips and truth from homeowners with swimming pool and agents Coldwell Banker experts.

You are buyers looking for a new home. You come across a wonderful home, but it has a pool. What is your reaction? In general they have entrenched ideas both in favor and against the pool;

I am currently looking for a house, and I started with the idea that absolutely did not want a house with a pool, but then I found some really nice solutions with fantastic pools, and I wondered if he should change his mind. It is not expensive to maintain? I have time to maintain it? Not dependent on the place where you live?

Having all these questions I turned my mind, I decided to talk to the owners of houses with swimming pools and several Coldwell Banker agents to help determine the real pros and cons of buying a house with a pool.

house with a pool include palm trees and pool house

Pro: stage ago

There is no monetary value associated with this aspect, but there is the added advantage of having a home where people would love to be. Numerous friends who have houses with pool told me the serenity to know how to give all friends of the children and what they were doing thanks to the time that they spent in their home. In most parties, birthdays, barbecues and appetizers they are always the most attractive when there is the pool!

Cons: have additional expenses, but probably less than you think

The pool maintenance will become a new cost item within your budget, but what really cost? A friend of mine after paying a person for maintenance and reopening in the spring of the pool (approximate cost about $ 400) it was soon realized that it could also do it only with the cost of less than $100. John Houseman, a Coldwell Banker Sunstar-Morris Realty in Florida claims that with the system “do-it-yourself” the cost of maintenance of a swimming pool is around $40-50 per month.

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house with a pool inside

Also have a swimming pool will take you maybe add liability insurance, but depending on where you live, the added expense is around $10-20 per month.

Pros: it’s a benefit when selling if the buyer likes the pool

The fact that the pool is really a benefit that adds value to the property when the time comes to sell depends a lot on where you live. Some Coldwell Banker agents working in the hottest markets value the presence of a pool of around 15,000 to 20,000 $ more on the price of the house, while colleagues working in more seasonal markets admit that often the houses with pool significantly longer times sale must indeed find the right customer.

house with a pool for sale

Cons: if something goes wrong, your portfolio will suffer a lot

Repairing a pool is a nightmare. Anyone who has had structural problems at the pool or losses are spoken of as if it were one of the worst experiences of life. The solution would be to choose homes with more recently constructed swimming pools, but this is not an absolute guarantee.

If you choose to buy a house with swimming pool it is still a wise advice do a thorough check of the pool conditions.

As I informed you about the pros and cons of buying a house with a pool I also found a number of useful tips for people they want to build a:

Looking for a saltwater pool. The initial cost may be higher but it is an investment that will return after two years. It also saves on chemicals. Put a fence around the pool. Will protect you from liability and help you control who has access to the pool and at what time. The solar panels for heating a swimming pool are to be taken into account: in the course of time may save money. Take a robot cleaner to minimize the time required for maintenance.

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The belief I have reached is that the purchase of a house with a swimming pool depends on where you live and closely and what kind of person you are; if you live in warmer climates, it makes perfect sense to have a swimming pool and maintenance does not affect in a dramatic way on the budget.

Also if you have a family, especially with young children, owning a pool it can be a great investment in time you spend at home. Conversely, if you live in colder climates, and no site of keen swimmers, probably the “emotional rewards” of having a pool does not seem sufficient there.

buying a house with a pool

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