Pros And Cons Plasterboard Choice For Walls And Ceilings

Let’s find out all the pros and cons of the plasterboard choice for walls and ceilings.

Plasterboard seems to have acquired a new life, as many builders and interior design offer it as an ideal solution for the division and finish of the interior spaces housing and is widely used for example in prefabricated houses.

walls made of this material

Let’s step back a little, to understand what this material, which has characteristics and what the advantages and weaknesses.

Plasterboard: technical specifications and advantages

Plasterboard is a building material made in slabs and formed from a layer of plaster, extracted in the quarry and enclosed in two sheets of special cardboard, resistant and perfectly adherent to the plaster itself.

plasterboard ceiling

Usually the material is used to make the partition in plasterboard walls, the ceilings and also to create niches and various portions inside the house.

The ‘pro’ of this material must be sought first in the lightness and versatility, since it is a basic easy to work, to form and to be cut.

  • Thanks to these possibilities, can be realized by elements different size and shape in a simple and fast.
  • The intrinsic characteristics of the material are its ability to withstand fire and water, and to present a high resistance to steam, the condensate and moisture.

Plasterboard walls: the pros

plasterboard and metal accessories

For these reasons, the walls made of plasterboard are often used to contain the electrical and hydraulic area.

  • From the point of view of insulation, this material has a good yield, especially in respect of noise.
  • Other ‘pro’ of gypsum boards are easy availability and speed in the pose.
  • The material offers the possibility of modifying the interior quickly and also creative, because it can be painted and finished with any pictorial technique.
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We come then to analyze the ‘against’ and the improvements from this material, in order to have a complete situation of its features.

plasterboard suspended ceilings

First, it is important to understand that even the plasterboard has undergone an important evolution, or has improved the composition of the paper and the gypsum itself, which is not added with the most dangerous elements but tries to turn towards a green texture.

The same rules also apply to the adhesives and for the metal attachment portions.

Plasterboard prices and costs per m²

plasterboard wall to fit your TV

These improvements will also read from an aesthetic point of view, as this material is now offering different degrees of strength and you can attach a picture without fear ‘is all down’, as in the past. Be careful, because the strength determines the price, so if you want to rely on a high quality material Letting the soaring costs and not a little.

A guide, the cost of this material per square meter is around $5 US plus VAT, if we consider the total cost of installation also with manpower, profiles which fasten, etc ballooned over $27 US per square meter for a plasterboard wall and of about $30 US per square meter instead always for a false ceiling made of plasterboard

Here is that at this point the question arises: should this material, or it is better to prefer the good old masonry in home remodel?

Economically there is a crucial difference between the masonry and the high quality gypsum board, with the difference that the wall is forever, while this material can be removed quickly and without requiring knows that efforts. extreme quality or interchangeable solutions? To you the answer!

drywall plasterboard walls

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