Reasons Why Your Garage Door Button Not Working

If you ever find your garage door button not working, or generally your garage door doesn’t work properly, then there are some things you need to know. It’s important to check the root of problems first before you call any professional, because you may not know if it actually can be fixed by yourself. Sometimes it doesn’t need a professional to find out the real problems. With some checks, you can do it on your own.

garage door opener troubleshooting

Here are top issues people may have ever dealt with when it comes to garage door which doesn’t work properly.

Top 5 Reasons

  • Photo eye is not aligned. There are two photo eyes, each on one side of both of our garage door. Between these two eyes, there’s an undetected beam, which may be broken. So when this is broken, it will prevent the door from closing. So, if your garage doors can’t be closed, check whether your photo eyes are dirty or misaligned.
  • Problems with transmitter batteries. Yes, it can happen. Some people tend to forget to change the batteries which make everything work. This includes transmitter on your garage wall as well. So, if someday you find your garage door doesn’t work, better to check whether your transmitter batteries are in their schedule to change or not.garage door will not open
  • Track is not aligned. This is a serious problem after all. Metal track where your door runs need have to be aligned well so your door can move easily. If there are gaps between bends or rail and the rollers, then you deal with serious issue. This can be caused by door weight which can compound these problems from time to time, so it’ll be dangerous to operate your door. Thus, you need professional help if this happens.craftsman garage door not working
  • Your garage door closes only half way, then open again. There’s a reversing mechanism which prevent your garage doors to crush any object in the path. So, when this happens, it can be caused by some objects which block the path, like maybe toys or garbage. Or, this can even be caused by buildup dirt and dust. So, always check the path.garage door button not working
  • Your garage door closes/opens randomly. If this happens, better check your transmitters. Ensure the transmitters are not stuck under any object which can put pressure in control mechanism. For instance, the transmitters may be under a stack of papers in the dog house. Maybe it’s also better to check your transmitter’s frequency, because maybe your neighbor has similar frequency and when they open/close their doors, yours go along with them.
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garage door button not working



craftsman garage door opener not working


It’s always good to clean your door mechanism regularly. Because, there are some cases when garage door button not working, and it’s caused by buildup of dirt, or garbage which blocks the path of its mechanism. Don’t forget to lubricate its metal rail regularly. It’s recommended to do it every once in a year. So, you can prevent any rusts, because rusts can also be the cause of this issue. Make sure to keep maintaining your garage door once after you install it.

garage door button not working

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