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Rustic fences, when it comes to divide the garden spaces, rather than the garden, you can find different solutions; very often used in small enclosures made from various materials, purchased and assembled or produced through do it yourself. In this post we propose some creative ideas to build small rustic fences, simple and linear, or looking more original, thanks to which you can separate your crops effectively while creating magnificent evocative atmosphere.

Any garden, from the largest to the smallest, structured and linear, can greatly benefit both practical and aesthetic from the division of the spaces.

Separate the different areas of the lawn, rather than creating very distinct flower beds in which to cultivate the different decorative species, or even divide the vegetable growing areas or create conspicuous different environments, it means being able to organize the space available to us in the best way is from the practical point of view, to the end of the care and maintenance of the plants, both from an aesthetic point of view, and struck areas creating visually attractive and really evocative atmospheres.

In this regard, the addition of one or more fences inside the garden turns out to be one of the best solution, as well as aesthetically valid; very often resorts to the use of prefabricated fences and realized with the use of modern materials, but if you want to save money and at the same time create an original separation zone, country-style rather than a captivating and original, below you will find some creative ideas from which to draw inspiration.

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Rustic Fences Pictures

1. With the simple reclaimed wood boards is small fences absolutely practical rustic style can be achieved, but also decorative; adding some details, such as a plate, hung on a wrought iron hook, you will have a true decorative element with which separate the spaces of the garden.

reclaimed wood boards in small fences

2. Another example of rustic fences, this time decorated with the addition of several elements by very nice: a small house for birds, a butterfly, a flower made with the buttons and the green iron wire and a small completely hidden from planter a cascade of colorful flowers.

rustic fence for small house for birds

3. In this case, one that is a real rustic fences can be transformed into a staccato to separate the inner areas of the garden; It is simple planks of wood, painted and machined in such a way as to seem small houses.

simple planks of wood rustic fence

Overall the fence will look like a mini city; Processing is simple, just create the roofs combining small pieces of wood and drill holes that serve as doors and windows.

4. Perhaps the most simple and economical to make a traditional rustic fences : Use only the tree branches.

rustic fences diy

It is a very rustic but definitely perfect for those who want to separate spaces, creating a continuum with the surrounding nature; nothing artificial, but a structure that, if raised in some points, can also act as a support for a climbing species, integrating with the completion of garden plants and becoming almost invisible.

5. Again a rustic and very simple, very reminiscent of the mountain barriers; ideal to separate a wide area of ​​the lawn, but also a small space.

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rustic wooden fence

6. Always use the branches, this time more robust, you can create a more curated design; of course you can paint it the color you prefer fence, making it more decorative and much more original, but also for free.

rustic fence designs

7. Instead of using straight branches it was decided to build the fence with branches of any form held together by a few nails and robust axes arranged vertically.

fence with branches

It is a truly original stockade, and really simple to implement.

8. Going to the right wood research, that is a soft wood and easy to fold, and selecting branches of small thickness can be realized a kind of very original and decorative interlacing.

unique rustic fences with branches of small thickness

unique rustic fences with branches of small thickness

9. Even a simple rough wooden fence can be transformed into a highly decorative element with the addition of alvuni light points incorporated to the axes.

simple rough wooden fence

In this case it is DIY candles made with recycled glass jars and embellished in pleasure.

10. The classic fence in country style, with the addition of a gate becomes a perfect structure to separate the area from the rest of the vegetable garden.

classic fence in country style

11. An example of simplicity combined with great creativity: the small white painted wooden planks are held together by ropes marine style; to complete the structure a blue door and some shells.

small rustic fences white painted wooden planks

A fence do it yourself perfect for the beach house.

12. Finally, an original fence and fun, perfect for those who want to test their creative skills; in this case the boards processed in the shape of cat and painted has been added at the back planter.

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original fence

rustic fences rustic fences do it yourself

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