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Water has a charm that will attract more than any other feature in the garden look. It has almost the strength of a building in a garden design, whereas the only attribute to reflect the light. This is a function which, although built in a garden can be a great addition, but if misused, will delight any progress they have made, making it an irritation and compete with the other features of attraction very friendly. To avoid these problems, the water should be used with discretion and as part of your garden design. In small gardens, it’s probably better to use water in a formal way, together with the construction or as a sculptural element, like a water tank of some sort, or a source. The informal use of water (i.e. Forms of water releases that mimic natural ponds) requests more space than the small garden allows, unless the entire garden is devoted to an informal style appropriate.

Need to be absolutely clear about what category of water you want in your garden, then you decide if you must flow or, finally, to make sure it is safe for children who use the garden. There is little sense in planning a magnificent decorative pool, only to have the safety cage. Many gardeners must connect more than their suburban swimming pools to prevent birds from stealing the fish and to prevent the falling leaves from water pollution.

Determine the depth of the pool according to its purpose. Pools depth of about 300 mm deep sight deeper than if the sides are painted black, with a waterproof paint. Greater depth is necessary if you want the pond life. Fish should be able to get on the ice when the Lake freezes in winter.

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Regardless of the type of water you want to include in the drawing, formal or informal, must always be clear and bright. To do this, the water needs to be running or using a pump recycling system, or need to establish a balance of life pond including oxygenating plants (at least ten per square metre of water surface), snails and fish. A “successful” food chain creates a balance that excludes green algae that stain surfaces and cloud water. Small water containers should be emptied and filled regularly.

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Use the “formal” in the water garden refers to strictly geometrical shaped containers, tanks or raceways. The detail of the Board of Directors and of all measures that might work through these elements is essential. Cuts water should generally at least 50 mm in the head so that any change in height of water by evaporation is hidden in the shadows of pronation. No leader will also see the green line that paints the border of any pool. Stepping Stones across the water must be detailed in the same way that seem to float on the surface.

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Often formal pools are constructed and sealed concrete or concrete blocks or bricks, made with a waterproof coating. The first method is stronger. Fiberglass pools are also available up to preprinted forms a considerable size fit but have no sewers or drains. A formal pool can be quiet and thoughtful, broken only by the occasional peak crested iris or its surface or can be moved from one source. Avoid too large a viewing area of the water source. The height of a source stream must not be greater than the distance from the source of the Jet by the pool.

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Formally the water can be more attractive when it is high and not sunken. There is a great deal of charm associated with sit on the edge of a swimming pool on the ground and is safer if kids use the garden regularly.

The water used informally needs space to be successful, you are trying to simulate a natural swimming pool with Jacuzzi and bays of the ground running in the water and build pebble beaches. To support this interesting fact, all the needs of a small garden to be planted and designed informally. Alternatively, a group of Japanese rock wittier can be informal, supported with bamboo. Everything between these two extremes is too demanding of a swimming pool in a small area. A plain, planted a circle of water in a casual setting can be attractive, it will create a form of contrast. On a small scale, however, the drip flow and the informal pool which emanates from a rock garden seems always artificial. informal pools can be built in concrete, even if the edge is rather rare convincing, and small, the flow of concrete coated tend to crack.

The pool of today’s most successful are built by digging a hole, the addition of a layer of sand and then coating with a strong indication of plastic or a butyl rubber sheet, preferably black. The edges must be pressed and gravel or pebbles examined. Planting, however, it is difficult if you want to be convincing and hide the edge of the paper. The bottom of the pool can be covered with rounded pebbles and planted the plants that will be held in containers designed for divers. We must be careful not to puncture the skin sheet by a small loss is virtually impossible to detect.

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