Container House for Truly Sustainable Architecture

Let’s discover together the concept of Container House for an increasingly eco-friendly and sustainable design.

Sustainable furniture is a term of abuse especially in recent times. and you can not distinguish who uses it to make propaganda and who really believes it.

We tried to find the truly “sustainable projects” that is, they left by one of the items that most pollute the world and with which unfortunately we have to live: containers.

Then, if sustainability is really a philosophy, even a simple container can become a restoration project that insists on the life cycle of this product.

Houses Made Out Of Containers For Storage Container House Plans Container House For Truly Sustainable Architecture

Habitable Containers: Container House solutions and examples

An interesting project is the stand originally conceived by Adam Kalkin for art basel 2005 and then extended to the real production in collaboration with the company quick build. with the container walls are opened thanks to hydraulic pistons electrically driven: so is transformed from the initial rectangle to a real apartment of six rooms!

Muvbox instead is a first experiment in pop-up bar coming out of a container. the owner had a montreal pizzeria and wanted a bar that was easy to move where there was smell of business: a rally, a festival, the opening of a shop, the opening of an exhibition … but the eating place had to be fast to move, and just as quick to make oprrativo and beautiful to the eye. Then here muvbox. It opens in two minutes. 3 people can work there and prepare the first hot meal within 15 minutes of opening. in the end, it closes and is ready for new adventures!

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Shipping Container House Plans Pertaining To Container House Container House For Truly Sustainable Architecture

An elegant project of re-use was instead conceived by MB Architectureche with a budget of only EUR 50,000 has achieved a functional and aesthetically attractive place that becomes a workplace. simplicity the base of the processing is the winning key. Also paint the exterior in gray and open the walls of the container to the view of the woods has distorted the same constraints of the medium making them strengths.

MDU is mobile dwelling unit that the mobile housing units and a studio initiative lo-tek new york. It is a fully equipped functional container for a living that combines engineering prowess with the design. furnishes a system of furniture specifically designed for this module to facilitate domestic tasks (cooking, refrigerate, eating, store, sleep) there are three functional areas, one for the social life, a leisure of tenants and one dedicated to the activities own dwelling. bright colors and ribbon windows giving brightness and joy to the environments otherwise too functional. The module concept makes mdu a “Lego brick” from the almost endless modularity.

Cool Shipping Container Homes Awesome Homes Made From Shipping Regarding Container House Container House For Truly Sustainable Architecture

Redondo beach house has aroused great enthusiasm for having been able to combine the use of forms derived from shipping containers with more traditional building materials such as glass and wood. designed by demaria design to compress the construction costs and ricico of the naval transport of waste materials and thus bring down the environmental impact of this waste would have if disposed of in the normal way.

Green frame house preserves the charm of industrial containers, giving a second life to an otherwise structure to be dismantled. the attempt to restore life and usefulness to the container has led to various initiatives and achievements. use this form making use industrial space or using it as exhibition place or dwelling unit for emergencies has proved fun and creative. The green frame house is presented to dwell time in the guise of housing development. has been developed with the partnership of numerous brand tied to furniture, it is a project of the study of art and goshawks DePonti associated container, specializing in the creative reuse of containers.

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