Small bedroom: the secrets for decorating better

Small bedroom: the room of dreams is always large, spacious, airy but often, however, you find yourself having to deal with a spacious room that has little.

This should not be a deterrent, though: if the bedroom is small, you can still furnish it well, following the right precautions, and transform it into the chamber of reduced size dreams.

The tips to make it livable and beautiful, why not? A small bedroom are simple and easy to follow. We recall some basic principles for the perception of space: light colors make the extra space, the mirrors help the optical illusion and the lighting can really make a difference.

But we see the basic tricks for decorating the most of a small bedroom.

Small Bedroom Interior Design  With Small Bedroom Small Bedroom: The Secrets For Decorating Better

Small bedroom: choose functional features furniture

The furniture in the small bedroom should be proportionate to the available space; no to giant beds, a major wardrobe and armchairs and large sized sofas. All the furniture will be climbed, slightly smaller than usual.

The bed, which is single or double, will be functional ultra if chosen with an area below where to hold of things; excellent beds with drawers that let you use all the available space. If the room is high you can think of quite a loft bed, but if it is very very small a comfortable sofa bed can be the right solution to save every millimeter of space during the day.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms Home Decorating Ideas With Small Bedroom Small Bedroom: The Secrets For Decorating Better

Another example of functional furniture is a desk/dresser: on the one hand you can use as a desk for the computer, the other as a mobile for clothing. Otherwise, a bedside table/mini desk will help you save even more space. However, it is desirable to have a long discussion about what furniture to enter in the room; the essentials are definitely the bed and the wardrobe, everything else is secondary.

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Small bedroom: use of space Allied Tricks

As I wrote a few lines ago, the mirrors can be of great help to increase the perception of space in a not too big room. That’s why one full-length mirror can be great for visually enlarge the room, especially if it deals with the smallest wall.

The same goes for lighting: some wall lamps and ceiling will be perfect to brighten the room, and if you will come from different directions will create an illusion of disappearance of the corners and make you look even bigger. Better the soft light than the direct one, which creates unpleasant contrasts.

Decorating Small Bedrooms With Twin Bed For Decorating Modern Bedroom Intended For Small Bedroom Small Bedroom: The Secrets For Decorating Better

The color of the walls and the ceiling does its part in a small room. Using the same color for the walls creating a pleasant continuity, which can be emphasized even if the furniture have a color similar to that of the walls. A slightly glossy paint on the ceiling will reflect light better and make you look taller.

Create a focal point can be a great way to distract from the lack of space and direct our gaze towards something else; the focal point can be the head of the decorated bed, a beautiful picture, a special mirror or a tent with a bright color that stands out in the uniformity of colors.

The horizontal space is little, it is true; But there are all walls and vertical space to be exploited in a small room. That’s why a tall, narrow wardrobe will be very suitable for a small room, as well as various wall shelves and hooks for hanging baskets and containers.

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Awesome Decorating Tips For A Small Bedroom Cool Design Ideas  With Regard To Small Bedroom Small Bedroom: The Secrets For Decorating Better

What to avoid in the furnishing of a small bedroom

Floor lamps: they are beautiful to look at and to use, but the floor lamps are fully banned in one bedroom small bed. Because? It’s simple: the lamp base takes up valuable floor space that can be used otherwise.

Complements useless furniture: knickknacks important, statues, furniture and decoration of floor flower pots should never be placed in the mini bedroom. These also take up too much space and are not relevant to the functionality of the furnishings.

Small bedroom

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