Top 6 Best Small Home Decorating Ideas in 2016

home decorating ideas for small spaces

Having small spaces in your house, small home decorating ideas are of course the ones you have to try applying in order to make your home interior looks better and fancier. Especially for a small home like the one you own you are in fact needed to be smart and creative when it comes to the home decoration. If not, you will only grumble about how limited the spaces are and then giving up decorating the interior. If you look closely, there are in fact quite a lot of home interior parts you can decorate simply. Here are some of the examples.

small house decorating ideas

Choose highly Decorative Upholstery from Already-Existed Furniture

The first example of small house decorating ideas you can really try at home is no other else but changing the upholstery of your already-existed furniture with a new one. Of course, the new upholstery you have to choose here should have a rather high decorative value. For example, instead of choosing plain solid upholstery you can choose something with patterns or printed design instead. Besides the fact that this idea is easy to do, it also cost you some small amount of money only.

diy home decor ideas

home decorating ideas

Maximize the Use of Empty Spaces for Decorations

Other than the previous example of small home decorating ideas, you can also try to decorate your small house by making sure that you do not leave any empty spaces unused. Instead of leaving the spaces empty you can use these to place some decorations. Of course, here you have to choose the right type of decoration in order to avoid some lame-looking interior design. For example, you can place a custom shelf in an empty space under your staircase. This shelf can be used not only to place some decorations on your taste but also some other things like books or even a radio tape.

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very small living room decorating ideas for small family room

home decorating ideas for small homes

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