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Space saving childrens rooms - When the nursery is in order can be a paradise, but it does not take much to make it a little hell - just an afternoon of games and here the oasis suitable for children has become a battlefield. Fortunately there are some comfortable space saving solutions that allow you to rearrange the best room of the smaller, optimizing the environments and saving space. Space saving childrens rooms: 5 space saving tips for the room of your children. 1. Take advantage of vertical space A great way to maximize space in the nursery is to exploit all the vertical space offered by the walls. As? Using the height walls with the inclusion of some modular shelves that can serve as library and wardrobe, for example; inserting wall hooks to hang clothes and containers; focusing on solutions that develop vertically. 2. Choose smart containers There are containers that are always in the middle of the foot or smart containers: to save space in the children's rooms is essential to rely on intelligent and mobile space-saving containers, those that offer more space to store objects and accessories without cluttering further. A ottoman with a space in its interior is an intelligent container, as well as those of modular plastic that can be filled and then put on a shelf. Another quality is their ability to adapt: a good container can be reused in different ways and in different spaces. 3. Choose the right bed The bed is the first mobile to be considered: a bunk bed will be the first choice if the room is home to more than one child, while in the case of a single room will do one of those beds with drawers or a raised pattern, under the which you can have a nice desk or play area. If once you could choose between a few bed models, nowadays the choice of the bed for the kids room is practically unlimited and you can choose from a range of modular solutions of all kinds. 4. Choosing for smart decor A space saving attitude of the furniture: it is choosing the right furniture that you can save a lot of space, especially with regard to the children's room. In addition to the bed you have to think to other furniture to be placed in the chamber; a child usually requires a small area for books, exercise books and objects for the school, a wardrobe and an area used for games and recreation part. More furniture will be versatile, the better. 5. Do not forget the corners When it seems impossible to find another space for a children's room it is good to take a look at the corners: on the market there are a number of corner shelves that can really make a difference and add space for games and accessories.

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