Table and Stool with Wood Log

Table Stool Wood Log – Create tables for living rooms and rustic bar stools, they are made in portions of tree trunks, it is a very easy house.

We say that is something easy as there are no special processing to be executed if no cleaning and the eventual paint with primer or colored wood with nail polish of various colors.

A table stool wood log can be easily recovered after cutting some wood spending contained a figure that is equivalent to the cost of the wood calculated by weight (there is substantially timber and piece king wood, which would impact the cost in no small way).

rustic wood log furniture

Obviously the cost will depend very essence of the wood we are going to buy it, in this case, we need not particularly precious woods (such as walnut) but rather strains that have particular shapes. In practice, even a trunk portion made from a dry and crumbling tree is good to create a stool or a low table; indeed, we may say that it is even better because this wood has already lost much of its sap (the liquid part that makes up the wood fibers) and thus has significantly reduced its weight.

table and bar stools

Problems are placed, however, when we have to handle our log, and from the place where it was sawn, will be conveyed to our living room (passing before by our lab for curing/cleaning/painting). We must therefore estimate who and how will carry the strain up to our house.

painted wood logs

If the trunk is housed in a living plant we must first let it dry as well as we would for firewood; possibly for a longer period, having a single piece more difficult to dry. The drying step is also important because the more the wood becomes dehydrated and tend to crack and split and it is inconvenient to proceed with the painting when this dehydration process is just beginning.

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sawn trunk

We must remember that the cortex (as you can see from the photo gallery below) should be removed because, while being pleasant to look at (especially if it is particularly wrinkled), however, is the first to come off when the wood begins to dry and, in the long run , it’s really hard to preserve it intact and attached to the timber.

natural logs

In summary, in order to create a coffee table or a stool from a tree trunk you must do the following:

  • Carry the strain in our laboratory
  • Let it dry for a time longer than one year
  • Clean up the wood by removing for good the bark residues
  • Proceed to paint

No need to say that even after the logs you will be dehydrated they will continue to be very heavy so you need to carefully choose the place where to place them because it is unlikely that we move them every time we pass a vacuum cleaner.

bar stools wooden table stool wood log tables stools wood logs

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