The World’s 20 Strangest Hotels

Make an unforgettable holiday can be in some simple cases from the choice of the right hotel… of course we are referring to something special and researched and, for this reason, here we provide a list of the 20 strangest hotels in the world who can not miss the opportunity to visit.

These hotels are very unique in their kind and offer customers the chance to stay for example in contact with nature or in fabulous environments without sacrificing comfort and in some cases to a sparkling chandelier. Let’s find out through various photos and descriptions the strangest hotel to stay in various corners of the planet.

Hotel Costa Verde – Costa Rica

Hotel Costa Verde

interior in Hotel Costa Verde – Costa Rica

Truly one of a kind, the Hotel Costa Verde not only offers its guests a dream holiday in one of the most enchanting places in the world but also the possibility to stay in a suite converted from an old Boeing 727. A 20-meter-high among the vegetation, the plane is home to a suite with bathroom, kitchen and dining room, furnished with handmade furniture and enriched with a charming terrace overlooking the ocean. Hotel Crazy House – Vietnam

Hotel Crazy House – Vietnam

Bedroom in Hotel Crazy House Vietnam

A structure that appears to have come straight from the fairy tale world is one where you can stay in Vietnam: the Crazy House hotel was in fact among spiral staircases, turrets, very special installations inspired by the nature or pure fantasy, real trees from the forms bizarre for a truly unique and fascinating design.

Das Park Hotel – Germany

Das Park Hotel – Germania

Das Park Hotel Germania

Have you ever thought of sleeping in a tube? Thanks to the particular philosophy of the Das Park Hotel can be economic as well as fun. As you can see from the pictures the rooms are housed in old pipes for sewers and installed in green areas, you can stay on site with no fixed charge but taking care to leave a free offer.

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Hotel Dog Bark Park Inn – USA

Hotel Dog Bark Park Inn – USA

Bedroom in Hotel Dog Bark Park Inn – USA Among the hotel strange that you can visit around the world will surely not fail to spend a night in the Dog Bark Park Inn, which is the peculiar shaped dog hotel that can accommodate a maximum of 4 persons and of course all made of canine theme.

Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel – Amsterdam

Hotel Faralda NDSM Crane – Amsterdam

Bedroom in Hotel Faralda NDSM Crane – Amsterdam

If you want to enjoy a unique view of Amsterdam we advise you to choose the hotel Faralda NDSM Crane, namely the tourist structure obtained through historical crane number 13 of the city’s port. E ‘can choose between three different suites uniquely designed accessible through special lifts and enjoy the wonders of a hot tub installed outside the crane well 50 meters high.

Hotel Free Spirit Spheres – Canada

Hotel Free Spirit Spheres – Canada

Bedroom in Hotel Free Spirit Spheres – Canada

The pristine and verdant forests of Canada are home to one of the strangest hotels and picturesque in the world: the Free Spirit Spheres. The rooms of this hotel are the spheres suspended in the middle of the forest, the perfect place to experience direct contact with nature.

Hotel Karostas Cietums – Latvia

Hotel Karostas Cietums - Latvia

Both the Soviets that the Nazis have used it as a place of imprisonment for deserters, dissidents and revolutionaries, now you can visit it through a tour and, if desired, to stay inside: we are talking about the military prison Karostas Cietums. This strange and disturbing hotel attracts a large number of tourists from around the world willing to pay to spend the night in a cell.

Hotel La Balade Des Gnomes – Belgium

Hotel La Balade Des Gnomes - Belgium

Bedroom in Hotel La Balade Des Gnomes - Belgium

Hotel in perfect fantasy style offers its guests 10 themed rooms where you can spend a dream holiday. E ‘can choose between the Trojan horse, the den of trolls, the hut in the forest, the lunar capsule, the tent in the desert, the home of Gaudi and more, a truly magical and unforgettable place.

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Hotel Magic Mountain Lodge – Chile

Hotel Magic Mountain Lodge - Chile

Lounge in Hotel Magic Mountain Lodge - Chile

Site in the northern Patagonia this particular hotel seems to be really came out from an enchanted world: access must cross a wooden bridge, the building is covered by dense vegetation and has a waterfall that descends from the top along the slopes of the structure. On the outside you can use the hot tubs formed in the trunk of the tree, saunas, hot tubs and much more.

Hotel Marques de Riscal – Spain

Hotel Marques de Riscal - Spain

Bedroom in Hotel Marques de Riscal - Spain

Ultra-modern, refined details and luxury: Marques de Riscal is that and much more. A unique place of its kind to spend a vacation of pure relaxation enjoying both the nature surrounding the property that all the desirable comfort.

Hotel One by The Five – Paris

Hotel One by The Five - Paris

In our selection of weird and very unique hotels in their kind could not miss the One by The Five in Paris, where it seems to live in a world of science fiction between beds and bathtubs suspended bathroom, changing lights and stage materials.

Hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort – Fiji

Hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort - Fiji

Bedroom in Hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort - Fiji

Fiji will have the opportunity to realize the dream of sleeping under the water being able to choose between 24 charming suites on a 12 meters deep. Through a button you can feed the fish and turn on the lights outside to admire the night underwater activities.

Hotel Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita – MateraHotel Spitbank Fort - England Bedroom in Hotel Spitbank Fort - England


This charming hotel rests in the heart of Sassi di Matera, a place where time seems to have stopped to give way to luxury and refinement. The structure offers multiple services from the possibility of access to the spa for a truly memorable and rejuvenating holiday.

Hotel Spitbank Fort – England

Hotel Spitbank Fort - England Bedroom in Hotel Spitbank Fort - England

A military fortress turned into a haven of luxury: built as naval defense in 1859, the property was purchased in the 80’s by individuals who have made before a museum then a hotel with 50 rooms, restaurant, bar and lounge dance, all with elegance and sophistication.

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Hotel Sun Cruise – South Korea

Hotel Sun Cruise - South Korea

Bedroom in Hotel Sun Cruise - South Korea

A cruise ship set on a hill is home to one of the most unique hotels in the world: you can stay in different types of rooms, have access to an area dedicated to the practice of golf and find the right balance between luxury and practicality.

Hotel Unique – Brazil

Hotel Unique - Brazil

Room in Hotel Unique - Brazil

It is in the heart of the upscale neighborhood of Sao Paulo that is the hotel Unique, very special structure and penta stellata that provides clients with modern furniture and everything you could wish for.

V8 Hotel – Germany

V8 Hotel - Germany

Bedroom in V8 Hotel - Germany

Here is a hotel designed for all motoring enthusiasts: we are talking about the V8 made in Stuttgart where you can sleep in the guest rooms with a garage, workshop, beds that reproduce vintage cars or modern with adjoining visit to the Automobile Museum.

Hotel Attrap Reves – France

Hotel Attrap Reves - France

The bedroom in the form of large transparent bubbles here is the striking hotel proposal Attrap Reves in France. It is comfortable and minimalist rooms where you can enjoy the contact with nature without renounce at the comfort.

Ice Hotel – Sweden

Ice Hotel - Sweden

A structure that is renewed every year for unforgettable stays in rooms built entirely of ice. If you’re curious to find out more about these particular hotels that you can visit in the world will not have to do is check our post on the most spectacular ice hotel.

Hotel Giraffe Manor – Kenya

Hotel Giraffe Manor - Kenya

If your desire is to experience direct contact with nature The Giraffe Manor is definitely the place for you. This beautiful hotel in Kenya offers its guests the opportunity to interact with the beautiful giraffes directly from their room to the stays memorable to say the least, and in some bizarre cases.

20 strangest hotels in the worlds strangest hotels

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