Guide To Choosing The Best Tilt Up Garage Door

Today we will give you help in choosing the best tilt up garage door or sectional door for your garage.

Characteristics of garage products in the market is a lot, and you are very easy to get lost in the sea of information, then let’s see together the steps that must be taken to choose the right door to the garage.

First of all we have to choose what kind of door fits more to our garage, better tilt up garage door or sectional?

Sectional garage door

Review The Garage Space

The first step to choosing the best tilt up garage door or sectional for your garage is to carefully analyze the space at your disposal. Depending on the space available, you can choose the type that best suits our needs, considering the fundamentals leads that are:

  • The footprint of the garage door
  • The level of insulation overhead sectional doors
  • Type the opening and the space required
  • All structures in which to install the door
  • The level of security needed

These variables are by far the most important for choosing the best tilting and therefore deserve due consideration, but on the sidelines we must also consider the aesthetic appearance of the door and to the local architectural tribute we’re going to close, typically a box, garage or garage.

The different of tilt up are available whether it be a private house, whether it’s a house, condo or an industrial warehouse.

tilt up garage door

Tilt Up Door or Door Section?

There are two main types of garage door:

  • Port for over garage
  • Sectional garage door
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Choosing the right model depends first of all encumbrance of the door and the space available, but also play other important factors, we see then what are the features, the merits and defects of the garage doors and sectional garage doors.

Overhead Garage Doors

The doors are absolutely the most widespread in Italy, the overhead garage doors can be constructed in various ways, with spring mechanisms or counterweight, also with the type of opening is possible to sweep, there are in fact projecting apertures, non-projecting and finally jointed.

The main advantage of a rocker is lightweight, but also deserves attention the noise of the mechanism, which is simple enough, and the convenience for the end user.

With regard to the thermal insulation, it is possible to insulate a garage door as it does with a sectional, using special insulating plates inside the door from the thermal and acoustic point of view.

sectional overhead garage doors

The best overhead doors are also equipped with a “parachute” mechanism, which, if they break the opening cables slow down the fall of the door.

The tilting of the coating can be done with any material, but the most used are surely the steel, wood and sheet metal, to each of these materials is also possible to give the color and the form that we want, creating a different visual effect.

The main disadvantage of an overhead door is the fact that, even when this is open remains clearly visible and obstructs in part the passage, it is a fault with which it is relatively easy to live, but that is certainly mentioned.

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wood tilt up garage door springs

Sectional Doors

The sectional doors are still not very widespread in Italy, but are taking place in our country.

It is retractable door, which once opened can not be seen and therefore will not obstruct in any way the opening, and this means that there is not any waste of space. In particular, given the structure and the mechanism employed by a sectional garage door, are minor, if not null, the risk of collision between the door and the cars parked inside or outside of the box.

Normally the sectional doors are of the category and higher quality compared to overhead doors, accordingly it is normal that they are better insulated, ensuring a greater degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.

However, we like to clarify that this generalization does not apply at all, and that there are also good quality garage doors that have nothing to envy to the sectional doors.

tilt up garage door

Electrified Door or Manual?

After choosing the type of garage door you want to install, let us ask ourselves the automation problem.

Both the overhead doors that sectional doors can be supplied in automatic version, i.e they are electrified and the opening is usually operated via a radio frequency remote control.

Nowadays, we do not recommend everyone to buy a box for ports not equipped with electrical automation, getting out of their car and open the door by hand is an awkward and unnecessary waste of time, and automation mechanisms now do not cost so much more to preclude their use in all types of housing.

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In particular, today it is also possible to act on a pivoting or pre-existing sectional door and make a speech automation addition, did you know? At worst, you’ll have to replace your old garage door and install a new one with automatism.

security door in the box

Security Door in the Box

Choose a port for secure box is important, first of all, to adequately protect the contents of your garage, look out today on the first market for garage doors with anti-burglary certification with various classes that provide different levels of resistance to burglary for breakthrough, for engagement or for traction toward the outside.

For the safety of a tilting or sectional door covers primary importance the choice of material with which this is realized.

A sheet metal door opens easily and in a short time, a timber poses a bit more difficult but the difference is small, a steel door, preferably reinforced, guarantees the best resistance to break-ins.

With regard to automation, we have already discussed on these pages of the features that should have a secure remote control, so always remember that even the safest garage door will be a breeze for thieves if is operated through a remote control easily duplicated.

overhead garage doors tilt up garage door

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