Tips How to Remove Coffee And Tea Stains From Cups

Coffee and tea are drinks that stain the cups, especially those in China and worse than plastic ones. Often not using the best service you have in the House for fear that it will get stained and damaged completely due to the acidity of these two tasty beverages but highly dangerous for the spots. In this guide we will show you some tips that you can follow with a few gestures and finally be able to make brilliant your cups. You just have to keep reading to find out how to remove coffee and tea stains from cups.

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Make sure you have on hand: soft, abrasive sponge, bleach, hot water.

As mentioned in the introduction, the coffee and tea have a high staining power. The tea is also slightly corrosive view of the presence of lemon. This means that maintain the white cups is not an absolutely easy task. So take a bowl and fill it almost completely of hot water without adding soap or other products that may damage the porcelain cup to clean.

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Step to Step Remove Coffee And Tea Stains From Cups

Now take a glass of normal size and after filling it with bleach, pour its contents into the bowl with freshly prepared hot water. Leave for about an hour the cups to soak in the tray with the hot water and bleach, so as to enable the latter to act on stains. After the indicated time, take the cups of coffee and using a slightly abrasive sponge, pass it on porcelain surface in a circular motion and without too much pressure. You will see immediately that the stains that seemed impossible to clean, will start to disappear and that the cup will regain its original white color.

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Swish vinegar in coffee cups to remove stain before after

Once polished cups with sponge put them back in the bowl filled with clean water, so as to remove the bleach and any remaining residues.

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Rinse very well the cups to prevent remains some residue of bleach, and use of common dish soap to make them spotless. Put them to drain for a few minutes and dry them well with a soft cloth. The cups as well gather their original color, and finally, you can also use each cup of good service without worries and without any fear of staining the porcelain with the use of coffee or other substances that can stain your favorite service. And always remember forget Avoid cleaning the cups with Degreaser.

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