Tips on Removing the Sliding Screen Door

A sliding screen door is not only an attractive item for home decor, but at the same time is a highly space saving option, and this is the very reason as to why the doors are among the most common projects used for home improvement. With the sliding glass doors, you can not only add a visual appeal to your room, but also receive the fresh air and see the colorful view outdoors. Sometime later, you can change the already existing glass doors for replacing or repairing them, or altering the walls in which they have been set. Removing the sliding doors can get tricky, especially with the risks of scratching or breaking.

What you need to remember is that the sliding screen door can be easily removed once you know the techniques. Whether you want to replace or repair the sliding glass doors, you need to be patient and cautious. The frame of the glass door can be heavy for you and this is why you might need help. Here are a few tips to get started:

Prepare the Flooring: The glass doors may be hard and heavy to handle, and this is why you need help. You should also ensure that the door frame as well as the glass is restored once the process of removal is over. While removing sliding doors that have scratched glasses, you ought to consider that the glass is not broken in any way. The glass can be prevented with padding over the floor to avoid breaking or even damaging the look of the floor.

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Mobile Screen Door Repair  With Sliding Screen Door Repair Tips On Removing The Sliding Screen Door

Assemble Materials: Get the materials together. These may include the slotted screwdriver, chisel, hammer, pry bar, and metal blade saw for removing the sliding screen door. You need to put on eyeglasses to protect your eyes. The sliding door has 3 basic parts – the stationary door, screen door and the sliding door. This is why you must learn to remove each of these parts individually.

Removal of the Screen Door: Get a pry bar and lift the door from the bottom until the rollers get clear. After the bottom of the sliding screen door has been removed, do the same with the upper part. Place the door away when free.

Removal of the Stationary Door: Remove the screws of the stationary door with a screwdriver. After removing all, use a pry bar to remove it entirely from the top and bottom of the door frame. Use the help of an assistant if required.

Removal of the Sliding Door: Remove the sliding door from its track. With the pry bar, lift the bottom upwards. Keep pulling until the roller is totally removed from the upper part of the frame. Adjust the rollers to remove the bottom rollers with a screwdriver.

Once you know about removing the sliding screen door, you can easily perform the DIY project. You can even ask an experienced person for assistance in the job to simplify your task of sliding doors removal to a great extent.

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