Tips To Design An Ideal Dressing Room

Tips To Design An Ideal Dressing Room – It is common that over time our home receives more and more items and clothing that we accumulate year after year. So it is imperative to have a special space to store everything, and that will be functional and decorative.

The dressing room is a classic home decoration, but that not always was well considered or used. It is ideal to take advantage of space, incorporating there great part of clothing that otherwise we would miss scattered in different parts of the house.

In dressing rooms the current possibilities are many, from the usual image of the furniture on one side of the room, to own and independent spaces that constitute environments, or even other proposals which are integrated to the bathroom. In all those cases, must know what is it more suitable for our style of life and for the personality of our environments.

Given its dimensions, these spaces allow to store to order from garments to suitcases. In addition, they offer the opportunity to dress and undress with complete freedom. This can not miss objects such as a large mirror, a coat rack and a chair or Ottoman.

Modern Dressing Room With Parquet Floor Roomy Designs Intended For Design An Ideal Dressing Room Tips To Design An Ideal Dressing Room

There are some basic guidelines to achieve the dressing room ideal, as for example a space for shoes, either to keep them in a cobbler or in its original box. No doubt the second option is most suitable, since shoes are well protected from dust.

Another basic of a dressing room in an area of drawers and space to hang clothes. For drawers, it is advisable to have organizers who allow us to keep each garment wrinkle-free.

An important piece that can not miss in your dressing room is a mirror. The which along with good lighting will allow to make the best decisions when choosing clothing. If you do not have enough space for a mirror with own frame, then choose one that can be installed on the door of the dressing room. This option is practical to take advantage of the space to the maximum.

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Fitted Dressing Rooms Crafted Strachan To Suit You With Regard To Design An Ideal Dressing Room Tips To Design An Ideal Dressing Room

Before tackling the interior layout, it is essential to decide how many people are going to use the dressing room and analyze the types of garments that are to be stored. In this way you can project different accessories adjusted measures:

Short clothing: shirts require a gap between 60 and 75cm height, and a space of 2cm. to avoid possible rods and wrinkles.

Long garments: coats need a free trade zone between 1.20 and 1’50cm high, and pants a module of 90cm.

Sweaters and shirts: the best is to keep them stacked in removable shelves placed with a separation of about 30 cm height.

Plug-ins: They must be located in drawers or trays of 10 or 20cm. of Fund.

Shoes: In modules with shelves of 35-40cm high and separated from the clothing.

While available depends on the space that you have, as the distribution you want to give, the first thing to keep in mind are your habits. You can find locker room in a room, constituting one stay more than the house or even forming a set with bath. You must also assess the type and amount of clothing that are available, because the possibilities are multiple.

Dressing Room Ideas For Home Inside Design An Ideal Dressing Room Tips To Design An Ideal Dressing Room

All the accessories and materials you need for your dressing room, can find them in different establishments already manufactured so that the mountains according to your needs and at different prices. If what you prefer is a cabinetmaker to do so to measure, you will be a little more expensive, but have the advantage of doing everything to your liking.

Some ideas for designing a dressing room

Open and closet type-choose an open model, which can attach to the bedroom or the bathroom and that available shelves, drawers with glass fronts (which reduces the visual weight) to locate the parts at a glance. Sliding and folding doors will be most useful if we want to save space, while folding represent a more economic output, but they need more space than the others.

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White Dressing Room Ideas In The Attic Bedroom Design Lighthousegaragedoors For Dressing Room Design Bedroom Tips To Design An Ideal Dressing Room

In the following image you can see a dressing room that is conceived as a closet, with an inside more broad by which is can walk. To not subtract storage space, settled sliding double doors with handles that facilitate its opening.

Leverages the hollow-if accounts with one bedroom of irregular shape can be a good option plan a dressing in one of those spaces area. The premise is that integrates in the decoration, but that at the same time, you can enjoy an independent space. To do this, follows a chromatic line and try to place a small armchair and a lamp that queer.

With two fronts in parallel-accounts? with a spacious dressing room Distribute it on two parallel fronts, one for him and one for her. Analyzes the characteristics of clothing that you are going to store to choose accessories and appropriate accessories, such as a rug, boxes, a wicker mannequin, etc.

To come up with a dressing room, you’ll need at least three square meters of space. Hall in the Middle should measure about 90 cm. This is the best way to optimize a space that is often lacking from many meters. Choose warm colors in the paint, enlarge and increase the brightness.

Separated with a wall to average height-if you have a spacious bedroom, resorts to allocate a wall as a dressing room. Place a wall or Cabinet type bookseller to half-height, as well as operate as a headboard can integrate as part of the furniture, so the rear can serve as storage area behind the bed.

A Chic Dressing Room On A Budget Pertaining To Dressing Room Tips To Design An Ideal Dressing Room

The indispensable in a dressing room

All dressing room has a shoemaker, which in the case of female will have a leading role. Also part a piece of furniture or a bar hangers where costumes will be posted.

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It solves the problem of storage with a flip-top seat and that is hollow, so keep the clothes inside. On the outside, this furniture provides a useful service of Bank in which sit while you wear the shoes.

It will always be practical to create a high shelf, inside or outside the dressing room, depending on how this. We will use this space to locate those objects that we use less.

Everything in order and within reach of the hand

• It is convenient not recharge the wardrobe with lots of clothes. The order is paramount

• To ensure a good storage, clothes need ventilation, so it is not suitable to keep it stacked or stacked. You will also prevent it from wrinkling. Good advice for bags do not become deformed and are kept in good condition is fill with paper.

• If you install two levels of bar, as a matter of convenience, it is advisable to place bags and jackets up and skirts and pants at the bottom.

• The most commonly used (shirts, pants, jeans) should be closer to a height between the hips and eyes.

• Make an intelligent distribution of the garments. Hang clothes hangers adults and small folded on shelves or in drawers. For its size it will be better.

• Not too filling drawers, so no wrinkling and grouping items have the same utility.

• To have shoes in order, protected and in view recommend using custom made boxes. The shoes will be maintained better when stored in cedar shoe trees.

Anyone that is your choice, there are countless brands of furniture that provide practical solutions with previously manufactured furniture or try a specialist that fits to the accurate measurement of your space.

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