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Marble floor should be regularly maintained to inherent structural conditions, they are easily attacked by chemicals and traffic wear.

The deterioration of marble floor

The flooring made of marble slabs, for inherent structural conditions, are easily attacked by chemical agents and frequently subject to wear, with consequent deterioration of the surface.

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The main causes that determine its degradation are attributable to chemical attack resulting from an act of products containing acids, or mechanical aggression, especially due to foot traffic and wear.

The surface of a marble floor, subjected to similar attacks, inevitably will show the loss of gloss, compromising the natural beauty of this material so precious.

How To Make My Marble Floor Shine Regarding Restore Marble Floor Tips & Trick Restore Marble Floor

The continuous maintenance and the use of appropriate products, carefully applied, definitely ensures a longer life for the material, placing of the process of deterioration brake.

During the renovation work it is all too often confronted with in the worn marble floor, but the incredible aesthetic value.

Restore Marble Floor Regarding Restore Marble Floor Tips & Trick Restore Marble Floor

This sensitizes us to promote methods aimed at recovering as much high-quality surfaces, now hardly used in new buildings, given the high costs of production and installation.

How to restore a marble floor

Interventions to restore marble flooring are different in nature and depend essentially on the type of material, consistency and the state prevailing in the surface layer.

How To Make A Marble Floor Shine Again In Restore Marble Floor Tips & Trick Restore Marble Floor

First of all, a good rehabilitation intervention must be conducted by qualified personnel and must be controlled in a specific manner, in function of the type of marble to be treated.

This shall be assured, since the total elimination of degradation and possible porosity encountered on the surface.

deterioration marble floor

The methods of intervention to ensure a recovery of the gloss of the marble floor are many and range identified by the type of problem that from time to time is found on the stone material. The processing steps are basically three and beginning with the grinding.

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Restore phases of a marble floor

The grinding is the first treatment process undergone by a damaged marble floor. This treatment is done on the surface and ensures the floor a well-leveled surface.

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The grinding consists of a mechanical surface treatment, with which the marble is treated up to the point where it re-establishes continuity between the various plates, thus obtaining an absolutely intact and uniformly continuous surface, that is devoid of serrations or disconnections various.

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Once the preparatory phase of grinding, you can give during the second phase, the one that is called honing process.

This treatment is carried out by means of a honing machine which employs diamond elements. It is a system that does not require a particularly bulky and noisy equipment.

Marble Floor Polishing Cleaning Maintenance Restoration With Regard To Restore Marble Floor Tips & Trick Restore Marble Floor

Furthermore, on the market, the sector companies generally employ at 220V machinery and that do not need to function, of large quantities of water.

The sanding step ensures that the floor is compensated for small missing portions, through the realization of a plastering, followed by the actual sanding and own.

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Diamond blades are chosen depending on the type of scratches and/or more or less deep signs.

If the floor pours in good condition, sanding should be light and not very effective, worth the excessive removal of material at the expense of the structure.

The purpose of the sanding is to obtain a completely smooth and compact surface, devoid of roughness.

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We talk about micro-sanding when, with special diamond blades, eliminates small signs of surface.

Last phase of working to bring the stone floor to its original splendor is polishing. This is the final stage that takes place using special polishing creams that make the shiny floor, for a long period of time. This is a mechanical-chemical machining, through which it reaches the classical brilliance of marble flooring.

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How to polish marble

Polishing Powder For Marble Floors Centaur Floor Machines Within Restore Marble Floor Tips & Trick Restore Marble Floor

The reasons determining the deterioration of the marble floor surface are closely related to the improper use of detergents used for cleaning.

These, in fact, if aggressive, will corrode the surface, acting negatively on surface tensions, calling into the stone of the degradation processes.

For this reason, after cleaning, care should be taken to a proper polishing, as suggested by the Gs treatments, a company working in the field and specialized in this type of intervention.

Polish the marble in DIY

Restore Marble Floor Diy Throughout Restore Marble Floor Tips & Trick Restore Marble Floor

The polishing methods are different and, if carried out by professionals, produce certainly more lasting effects.

It is also true that some traditional methods fail to provide an acceptable degree of gloss, cost maybe lower. Let’s see how.

A simple execution method is to use a wax, for sale in specialty stores, and waxing the entire marble surface. Once you spread the wax evenly, simply pass a sponge over the entire surface.

Another method is completely natural, it is the one used by our grandmothers, namely the use of ash. Simply lather a sponge and cover it with ash and then pass it over the entire stone surface, then rinse well. Another method can try to counter the unpleasant effect the yellow, which often manifests itself on the dark marble surfaces, it is to employ water in which it was diluted white wine vinegar.

marble floor polishing before and after

Once the entire surface has been treated with this solution, you can proceed to the final rinse, avoiding the use of solvents.

Why grind and polish the marble floor

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The floor made of stone materials such as marble or granite, forgiveness, with the passage of time, their natural shine. Novalux, a company working in the sector since 1982, to restore the beauty of these floor, employs the latest equipment. It makes use of abrasive diamond wheels with which ensures the removal of any kind of scratch or flaw from the surface.

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The manufacturing process starts with rough cutting is performed with grinding wheels of coarse grain. It so before grouting, by means of two-component mastic of the same color as the floor.

Below, with several steps of grinding wheels with increasingly thin abrasive, making the final polishing with special polishing pastes.

The company is able to grind and polish even in the presence of furnished environments.

Floor cleaning sanded and polished marble

Marble Floor Polishing For Home With Regard To Restore Marble Floor Tips & Trick Restore Marble Floor

Cleaning of stone surfaces must be conducted exclusively with products at neutral pH.

The use of alkaline detergents or acids, produce only the injuries to the marble surface, compromising the shine. This since they are highly aggressive products and chemically harmful to the structural composition of marble and granite.

Finally it should be remembered not to operate any anti-limestone products, irreparably damaging for the marble and for all the calcium-containing stone surfaces.

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