Top 10 Hinged Patio Doors in 2016

our patio can be the best place to have tea time with family in the noon, since it is usually so private and also comfortable. In your patio, you can feel the fresh air from the nature and if you have small garden in your backyard, then it will add more pleasure for you to relax yourself in the patio. When talking about patio, it is not merely about the patio design with its sofa set or anything, but it can also be the patio door option. There are quite plenty of patio door options that you can choose, from the sliding patio door, folding patio door, hinged patio doors with sidelights, up to the hinged patio doors. Each of those door has its own plus and minus, and if you are looking for simple but multi-function door for your patio, the last mentioned one can be the best option for you.

hinged patio doors with sidelights

Plain Hinged Patio Door

The plain hinged patio doors can be the best option for any of you who seek for something simple and natural. This hinged door is actually available with plain model or without any design in its door leaf, but you can still get the attractive look from this hinged door by painting its door frame. The over plus of this hinged door is that it look simple and natural like other doors in your home, but when you need larger entrance or space to connect the house to the patio, you can fold the door on its one side.

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Designed Hinged Patio Door

The other option for the hinged patio doors is the designed model. It is different from the plain door since its door leaf has special design that usually available in square design. By this square design on the door leaf, it will make the hinged door look even more attractive. The materials that used for this hinged door are usually from glass and fiberglass.

hinged patio door center and hinged patio doors outdoor design landscaping ideas porches

modern hinged patio doors with cabinet wall

center hinged patio door

Center hinged patio doors

Hinged patio doors accent distinctive designs

hinged patio doors

Hinged patio French doors with white table for dining room

interior hinged patio doors suitable for modern home with large living room

marvin hinged patio doors

Modern glass hinged patio doors

Plain hinged patio doors

center hinged patio door hinged patio doors hinged patio doors with sidelights patio doors

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