Top 10 Provence Kitchen Design

The smell of fresh baking, hot Mediterranean sun, the lavender fields and olive groves. All this flavor absorbed the style of Provence, which originated in a small region of France, and was so atypical that immediately gained popularity around the world. For residents of the city, it can be the saving around in the sea a constant bustle, bustle and employment. A breath of fresh air and a place where you want to return again and again. It does not matter if you can arrange the whole apartment in the style of Provence, you can select only the kitchen, for example, and this will be enough to feel on holiday.

Bleached color

It was so warm, pastel colors the most characteristic of this style of cuisine. The most popular shades, as if bleached by the hot sun – sand, beige, olive, milk. At the same time, against this background, a bright flash terracotta, lavender, turquoise, green, blue, yellow, ocher. It is important to remember that the walls, floor and ceiling should be light, but the dishes and decor can be bright, juicy colors.

Aged wood

Basic finishing materials should be natural wood, tile, stone. But the distinctive style is still aged wood – rough, in the cracks with paint floated on the corners and faded decor. To this end, it is not necessary to look really old kitchen, though, if you wish, you can artificially age the furniture is enough. For example, to paint it in several layers of paint and wipe the sand corners, change the upholstery.

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Open shelves

In rural French kitchens, whence came to us this style, it was customary to put everything on display. To do this, open wooden shelves laid out all the dishes, the decor and just cute little things. Pots, ladles, pans, or hung directly over the stove, or simply stacked on the lower open shelves. If you think it is quite impractical, then select the Cabinet with glass door or curtain the shelves.

Forged items

As a purely rustic style, and the decor had appropriate. His most favorite form of decoration – a wrought-iron furniture and decor elements forged in arms, legs, lamps, candlesticks.

provence-style-furniture itchen-mixes-typical-country-style-with-modern-looking-appliances

The abundance of textiles

Provence is impossible to imagine without all kinds of textiles – tablecloths, napkins, pillows on chairs, curtains, towels. It would be the best textiles in small flower and square.

Country decor

Provence “sins” abundance of different cute trinkets. The most characteristic is the image of the cock – pictures, figures, drawings and composition with lavender – fresh, dried, painted, embroidered. All that is usually associated with us to the village to find a place here – wicker baskets, dried flowers, fruits in vases.


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