Top 5 Bathroom Lighting Fixtures for Small Spaces

Decoration and design is not a major issue in big bathrooms, but it is a major issue in small bathrooms. Lighting is an important aspect of bathroom decorating and design. Different homeowners have different taste. That’s why; there are many different types of bathroom lighting fixtures to meet the specific needs of different homeowners. Here are some ideas about bathroom lighting fixtures for small spaces.

Recessed Lights in Different Light Zones

Every bathroom, whether big or small, has some delineated areas in them. There are different light zones in a bathroom, such as vanity sink, toilet and shower. The trick for proper lighting in a small bathroom is to add recessed light fixtures separately in all of these areas. In simpler words, you can use recessed light fixtures in shower, vanity sink and toilet. This will create an illusion of a bigger bathroom. Besides, you should also give attention to the proper arrangement of lighting fixtures. Make sure you add these fixtures on task zones to evenly distribute the light in all areas of your small bathroom.

Use Chandeliers, Pendants or Ceiling Lights in Bathroom

For a modern and stylish look, consider adding chandeliers to your bathroom. These bathroom lighting fixtures are an excellent choice to make a focal point in your bathroom. You can also use pendants and ceiling lights in your bathroom. With ceiling light fixtures, you can add ceiling fans that has lights in them. This fixture will draw up attention and add a luxury look to your bathroom. These fixtures will also provide general lighting to your small bathroom.

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Bathroom Chandeliers Inside Bathroom Chandeliers  Top 5 Bathroom Lighting Fixtures For Small Spaces

Add a Fashion Distraction to Your Bathroom

To create a unique fashion look in your small bathroom, you can add direct beams of lights to the tiled walls. You can achieve the same look and effect by highlighting the small cabinetry in your small spaced bathroom. For this purpose, you can use spotlights. You can also use scones and under the cabinet light fixtures. These lighting fixtures will fulfill your need of accent lighting and will make your small bathroom look super stylish.

Size of Small Bathroom Lighting Fixtures             

No matter what type of lighting fixtures you use in your small spaced bathroom, it is important to take the size of your fixtures into close consideration. A wise choice is to choose lighting fixtures that are neither too big nor too small. Carefully check the dimensions of the fixtures and make sure they are appropriate to the scale of your bathroom. Consider adding long or straight lines that will help you trick into thinking that your bathroom is big. Lighting arrangement is another important consideration. Properly arranged lighting fixtures can change the look of your bathroom.

On the whole, lighting fixtures play a vital role in creating a unique and attention-grabbing bathroom design. For a small bathroom, you should be very carefully when choosing lighting fixtures. Go for the options that can make difference in the way your bathroom looks and that can make it more beautiful.

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