Top 7 Bedroom Attic Design Ideas 2016

Here are our tips on how to create a bedroom attic with many design ideas with photos.

The arrival of a child, the need to build a room for guests and many other reasons can lead people to have to take advantage of spaces that had been intended for another, converting them into bedrooms. As can be seen, for example, a bedroom attic?

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Bedroom in low loft

First, it is important to evaluate the spaces and heights, since by law the minimum height from floor to ceiling are indicated in special tables affecting the various Italian towns. There is a world of difference from municipality to municipality, but ‘living’ is important to make the attic to avoid creating health-related problems.

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To give life to a bedroom in the attic is not necessary for there the minimum heights and Brightness, which are normed by the Ministry of Health. The height of the roofs and attics often provides for certain exceptions, for which it is important to have a technical expert or inquire at the local offices. In any event comes in the common sense, since the bedroom asks to reach the required cm, which usually hover around 2220, then 2 meters and about twenty, to be considered living, and then secure.

bedroom attic design ideas

If we want to get a bedroom with a loft it is also important to ensure optimum air supply and the light environment or respect the proportions of windows and skylights required by law. These rules seek once again to ensure that the environment appears healthy and well ventilated.

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Even the insulation has to be careful, so it is important to equip the room of a good system of protection against the cold and the heat (we are still in the attic!) And also ensure that the curtains and textiles make changes beneficial effects of leakage ‘ moisture, which in this portion of Populated could prove intense. Attention, so to isolation and regulations, as it is not ‘hassle’ but a solid foundation on which you can give life to a bedroom converted from an attic of great beauty, confident and full of comfort.

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decorating an attic bedroom tips with bathroom

Once you have placed the structural sections, it is possible to create lovely bedrooms derived from the attic. Since this is a special environment, high but full of intimacy, it is important to put on the environment by suitable materials, they can look to the eternal beauty of the wood but also the practicality of porcelain stoneware. As for the furniture, it is important to place the bed in a comfortable position and ensure that between the stairs and the bed itself there are a lot ‘of centimeters away, to increase the level of security and make the room a real place of rest and well-being.

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Beautiful this option suitable for those with limited space and in this case declined in a mini loft with bedroom, study and bathroom, very rational and elegant.

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