Top Bathroom From An Old Table: is it possible?

Top Bathroom From An Old Table – Is often a bath can become the frame of creative expressions, employing raw and recycled materials to create some very interesting furniture, unique and original. In this period we are witnessing a widespread trend, which proposes the sinks countertop spread over raw wooden floors, that are committed to give the environment the bathroom a touch rustic and close to shabby taste.

It is very pleasant compositions that combine the taste for solid wood use of sinks made of ceramic, stone or glass, in a superposition of aesthetically pleasing materials and at the service of living.

ready made or diy vanity top for vessel sink brown wooden laminated vanity with sliding door as storage wheat ceramic solid top with sink stainless steel straight faucet custom solid surface bathroom

But how do you create the plan, or top, of the sink recovering an old carpenter’s plane? In this case it is important to aim at rustic aesthetics, old style and lived, because the wooden worktops are often marked by wear and also by time. The will is therefore to create a base intentionally ‘used’, which can approach the perfection with sinks made with very minimal shapes to create an attractive contrast, or devote himself to a smooth taste if you prefer to get allure shabby or Provencal in the bathroom.

Give the old cabinet a new lease of life as you search for storage space in the shabby chic bathroom

The first action to take is based on obtaining a work table in wood and then adapt it to the measures available in the wall. And ‘recommended not occupy the entire wall, but leave the side space think the inclusion of metal portions, which can be used to hanging towels.

make a bicycle turned bathroom sink

When you pick a table, it must be treated with the right products. Those who love the DIY can indulge themselves with natural oils and waxes to achieve a beautiful wooden table and protected. Do not forget that it is a top intended for the bathroom, so the contact with water is unavoidable.

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bathroom vanity made from old table

Drafting a waterproof paint is therefore proposing a duty not to compromise the goodness of their work.

After completing the table, it is necessary to implement the arrangement for holes that will host the water system and complete the work with the positioning in the wall.

bathroom vanity from old dresser

Since this is a top that must accommodate one or more sinks, objects and also instruments, it is important that the stirrup is very stable, so it is essential to calculate the right weight and proceed with the purchase of robust metal brackets, which in decorated versions are wonderful to admire.

The carpenter’s bench can then turn into a top for the really nice sink and original, certainly marked, but deliberately approached with different bathroom furniture items, to create an original and very comfortable in all respects.

bathroom vanity from old table

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