Tree Library: Shelves Branch To Decorate Your Baby’s Room

Tree Library: Today is always more difficult to find a piece of furniture for the children’s room that is functional and, at the same time, also be able to give an air of fun and cheerful environment. At the bottom are not many who are concerned with the design of the room for the kids, and it’s a shame!

Tree library to decorate with style and fun children’s rooms; use safe products should always be the priority of every parent, because it is precisely in these cases you will notice the attention to detail and love of a space that should really be in the child’s size.

If the idea is to give their children something that is truly special and unique, then the library tree is the answer!

Style and fun with shelves shaped branch

Library Tree In Library Tree Tree Library: Shelves Branch To Decorate Your Baby’s Room

Want a little room for the baby comfortable yet beautiful to look at and special, it is not an impossible dream: the tree on the shelf manages to give the room an aura typical of fairytales magic, but also respecting all practical needs of the child.

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But what is it? The shelf tree is a component of multi-functional furniture, which can be used both as a library, both as cupboard, both as a light for the baby’s room. Unlike other furniture components, you will not have to replace it after a few years: its charm and its usefulness, in fact, are designed to last and to satisfy even the older children.

The characteristics of a fairy tree

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Tree Library Shelving For Bedroom Home Library Design For Tree Library Tree Library: Shelves Branch To Decorate Your Baby’s Room

The library tree is ideal to accompany the child during all his daily activities, and to watch over him even at night.

The shaft is made of solid wood, with a series of removable branches that can act both as a library, both from oddments shelves: very useful for storing puppets and the more expensive the baby books, without accumulating them in bulk to ‘ inside a simple basket for toys.

In addition, the Library tree also has a fascinating secret door, which opens at the base of the central shaft: so that the child can easily use it to store his favorite little objects to preserve them jealously away from prying eyes !

Finally, the tree has a nice light source hidden inside a birdhouse, about one meter high, so as to be turned on and off directly by the child. Lighting it, the light will come out of a small porthole in the middle of the shed, and from under its base, illuminating the secret door and propagating in the room, creating a warm and full of magic. The ideal to obtain a soft light for the night.

An object made artfully

Plant Library With Library Tree Tree Library: Shelves Branch To Decorate Your Baby’s Room The tree library shelf is a true object of design made entirely of solid wood and worked by hand: the craftsmanship of this product will enhance the room making it truly unique. And respectful of Nature.

The tree library is in fact made of eco-sustainable wood from FSC certified forests. Moreover, the paint used to protect it from termites and is environmentally friendly, odorless and does not release formaldehyde or other hazardous gases: ideal for strength, but harmless to the health of children.

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Tree Library: Shelves Branch To Decorate Your Baby’s Room   Intended For Tree Library Baby Tree Library: Shelves Branch To Decorate Your Baby’s Room

The tree library is customizable

No matter if the room your baby is big or small: the tree on the shelf is customizable. Since you can decide the proportions and the height is a product made by hand and is suitable for any requirement.

In addition, you can make variations, and have an up shelf without hidden door or without light point, according to their tastes and needs. The icing on the cake, this library tree is easy to assemble; the only thing to do is to connect the branches to a central support, taking advantage of a comfortable system concealed screws.

Where to buy the library tree?

If you decide to turn the nursery into a fabulous and welcoming world, to rock him day and night, you can order this bracket shaft directly on Forestelli site.

Our advice is to take advantage of this opportunity to give the room an ideal object of design for games, but at the same time funny and original. In addition (and it is good to remember) you will always have the certainty that the materials used for this tree are environmentally friendly and designed to last for years, away from moisture and termites.

library tree tree library

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