Best Guide How to Troubleshoot Garage Door Openers

Troubleshooting garage door – If you have a garage door that does not work, it is important to understand why. Performing some simple troubleshooting steps can isolate the problem and help explain the problem to a repair person if necessary. If the problem is easily solved, troubleshooting can save you money on expensive home repairs as well. If you have a garage door opener, it is important to use safety measures just as you would any electrical appliance in your home.

troubleshooting garage door

Here Best Guide How to Troubleshoot Openers

  1. Check the track. If the garage door does not open and close or does not work properly, first check the track out the door all the way up. If the edges of the track were bent or twisted, just straighten it with a few taps of a hammer should solve the problem. Debris can also get stuck on the track and prevent the proper operation of the door. Remove any leaves, dirt or dirt caked-on the runway with your fingers or a screwdriver, if dense.
  2. Check that the wheels move freely and are not blocked because of debris and dirt. Clean the wheel area, removing debris; clean the area with a sponge and cleaning solution. You can use a bit of lubricant if the wheel is sticky.
  3. Check the batteries of the remote control; Sometimes the most obvious solution is overlooked. If the garage door opens and closes and you have an electric can opener installed, check the batteries in the remote control. May eventually need to be replaced.
  4. Control power. Most electric garage opening operate on electric power from a cable connected to an electric socket. First make sure the cable is securely in the socket and then check your circuit breaker to make sure no switches have been tripped. If other electrical devices in the garage-like a light bulb-work or other outlets are energized, try plugging something else into the outlet to make sure it is powered. Check the cable for fraying, chew or other damage, which can cause a power outage.
  5. Check that the infrared sensors are working. If infrared sensors are malfunctioning, sensor lights can be Flash or inactive. Possible causes include a path blocked between sensors, sensor eyes are dirty, loose wires or sensors simply bad. In this case, the remote control is not working to close the garage door, and will only be able to operate using the button on the wall or floor. Make sure that the sensor eyes are clean and direct each other. Unplug the opener and reattaching it may reset the sensors. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the sensors.
  6. Check short circuit in wiring or transmitter (remote). If the garage door opens and closes by itself, you need to isolate where the short is. Remove the batteries in the remote control and operate the garage door manually using the button on the wall. If the problem persists or is intermittent, it may be a short circuit in the wiring or wall button. If you remove the battery solves the problem, the problem was with the transmitter. You will need to buy a replacement website or a Service Center garage door manufacturer.
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