How To Turn Pallets Garden Furniture

transforming furniture pallet

How to turn pallets, also old and used, in beautiful and comfortable outdoor furniture: just imagination, creativity and a bit ‘of craftsmanship to create sofas, lounge chairs, chaise longue, coffee tables, planters and displays for plants up to the ideas the most unusual and original. For those who love to transform objects and bring them back to life.

The wooden pallets are entering more and more in our daily lives by offering a lot of ideas to create a variety of useful items. And since many are now aware of their potential in terms of design we have decided to show you a series of wonderful ideas to copy all to better use your pallet as outdoor furniture. So here’s how to turn old and unused pallets new, beautiful and above all cheap garden furniture.

The coffee table for the backyard

coffeetable pallet

The wooden pallets are an inexpensive way to build extraordinary objects with only two elements: the imagination and ingenuity, as demonstrated this recycling idea, which enhances the great versatility of the bench. To realize this project just two benches and a little ‘dexterity to mount them on top of each other, with the aid of the spacers and applying, if you like, and you might find helpful, even the wheels to move more easily around. And that’s it.

Small vertical garden

Small vertical garden from pallet garden balcony

Enjoy an outdoor space does not necessarily mean having a huge garden; Most of us, in fact, lives in the apartment. Despite everything, there are people who, striving, can overcome this problem, for example by developing a vertical garden, using the very versatile bench.

We enclose below an image that you can be an inspiration: the plants have grown very well on separate layers, as the pallet has the perfect space for the proper growth of the plants and their roots.

natural deposit area from pallets

Nature lovers and environmental protection will be able to use the pallets to create objects such as, for example, a container for composting. The compost is substantially constituted by biodegradable elements left to macerate until they become fertilizer materials that will serve to the growth of other plants.

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Mother Nature and the food chain ensure that all turns and engages in a continuous natural process; Therefore, if we let our vegetables and our fruit in the compost bin, macerating, these will of course be converted into salts and minerals useful to our new plants.

In this specific case the pallets are used to create a natural deposit perfectly placed in the environment of our garden. Being at the same time resistant and made from natural elements (i.e. the wood), the pallets are perfect for any external use, including, of course, also a container for compost.

Shelf for the patio

patie shelf pallet

The “pallet therapy” is giving continuous proof of its beneficial effects! Working with your hands using a hammer and nails helps dissolve tension and relieve frustration and nervousness, and build something useful and at the same time relax the nerves is a good thing, especially if the result is a convenient shelf for the patio!

To manufacture it, you can use one whole pallet exploiting its entire length and height or it can be cut into smaller pieces, depending on the need. The idea is, essentially, that of totally use the internal structure of the pallet to create the shelves of your shelf.

The outdoor sofa

pallet outdoor sofa

Make an outdoor sofa using a pallet is an enterprise a bit ‘more complicated than the other (but not impossible) and provides various work steps. Probably the part that will require more time is to take the exact measurements and try to figure out what can make the comfortable sofa and what not.

The picture below will help you understand better what is the basic design to be followed: the end result should be a strong bench and look like as much as possible to a real sofa. As for the treatment, the wood pallet is quite robust, and with the arrival of cold and rainy will need to shelter only the pillows, the rest of the structure will not have big problems.

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The garden planter

 garden planter outdoor mat pallet design ideas

This idea is perfect for planting flowers in different corners of the garden. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransforming a pallet in a flower bed can be indicated in various cases: for example, if the ground is not very fertile, this can be an excellent support to promote the growth of the plants, or do not have enough land on which planting flowers; in an urban environment with little arable space, for example, this idea is absolutely perfect as it would make much more cute and cozy on your balcony and your terrace.

The little house for children

little house for children pallet

Another really cute project, if you have a bit ‘of time for him, is to use the pallets to build a small gazebo or play house for your children. It is a project quite complex and requires a long time to be realized, but if we do it for our children is definitely time well spent and they will be really excited.

The internal structure can be more or less detailed depending on your skills, but the outside can simply be made really nice painting it well and with bright colors that capture children’s attention: you can choose them directly to them and also help you in construction of the house; making them partners will give even more value to the project!

The chair or chaise longue

handmade lounge chairs pallet

There are so many DIY ideas to put into practice using the pallets, and one of them is to build a real chaise longue, ideal for relaxing in the garden on hot summer days. To do this we need four pallets pallets of equal size, nails, a drill, and, of course, a bit ‘of predisposition to do it yourself, but the result will be amazing.

Banquet gardening

pallet potting bench

Nice idea and very interesting, especially for those of you who have a green thumb, it turns a pallet in a convenient work table where pot and take care of your plants. Big or small they are, in fact, potted plants usually do not have a place of their own where to be treated and where “rest” for example after being repotted, or simply a place where they can be put on display. A small wooden table built with pallets is ideal for our plants and will become an important corner and, why not, aesthetically concerned for our home.

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Parking for bicycles

wood pallet bike

This is really an original idea! Parking for bikes … and who had never thought about it? The project itself ‘does not include any labor because you just have to place two pallets in the right position, ie one on the bottom where they will be jammed the wheels of the bike and one at the top attached to the wall to keep them straight; as easy as drinking a glass of water!

In the picture you see the rough version, but nobody prevents you arm yourself with paint and brush and paint it the color that suits you best, even to give it a finish less “industrial”.

A small flower garden

pallet garden flowers

Having a garden usually takes a large space that many of us do not really have. In these cases we can improvise, for example endowing you with a pallet, even old and ruined for a more rustic effect, on which you are going to apply the flower pots, for a simple and natural look.

Unlike the image that we propose, you can also beautify your door with flowers of different shape, size and color vessel, for a shabby chic touch that goes well with the very essence of the pallet.

pallet lounge

As you have seen, you can easily turn pallets used in almost anything and if you were to come up with some other use to which we have not yet thought about and want to share it with all the gardens and outdoor enthusiasts, let us know. And good bed at all!

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