Typical Garage Door Size

Garage is a feature many home owners need at this point of time. Clearly, the main reason why it can be said so is because at this point of time there are more and more people who decide to buy a car in order to use it as their daily mean of transportation. If by any chance you are also one of them and right now you are thinking about building a garage as a functional feature in your home design, you need to know that it is not only important for you to decide about how large the garage area will be. Instead, it is also crucial for you to make sure that the size of the garage door is ideal so later this can really be the functional garage access. In order to know about that better, here is brief information about typical garage door size you need to know first. With it, later you can decide about the best sizing for your very own garage door.


The Standard Width of Garage Door

When talking about typical garage door size, it cannot be denied that there will be two main things we are going to talk about. Those are nothing else but standard width and height of the typical door. First of all, let us talk a bit more about the width. Besides the fact that at this point of time there are so many garage doors built in various widths, you need to know there is still a standard measurement applied for it. The measurement is 2.4 meters or about 8 feet for a garage designed for a car. On the other hand, if the garage id designed for two cars, the standard measurement of the width is usually 4.3 meters or approximately 14 feet.

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http://www.lighthousegaragedoors.com width of standard garage door

The Standard Height of Garage Door

After you decide about the right measurement for the width of the garage door, the next thing you need to take into consideration is nothing else but the height of the door. The standard height is factually 2.1 meter or about 7 feet. In some cases, 2.4 meters height is also considered as standard sizing. Another thing you need to know in relation to this is that factually the standard sizing of garage door is something applied by constructors who usually install the door as well as providing doors for garage for people to buy. It means there is still a possibility for you to order custom sizing.


However, this may cost you some extra cash, no matter whether the sizing is bigger or smaller. Custom sizing like this is needed when factually the standard sizing of the door cannot meet the size of your vehicle. Instead of taking some different types of risk by choosing the standard measurements, it is so much better for you to choose the custom measurement instead. For a more exact measurement, you can invite the constructor to your home to do the right measurement for you instead of doing everything on your own.

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typical garage door size

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