How To Unclog a Sink Trap

Sink traps contain a small amount of water in order to slow the migration of sewer gas in the house. The sink trap or trap “P” is located directly under the sink. While the trap contains water, it is also an area that collects debris and may clog stopping the sink. Unclog sink trap can be a bit messy, but in a few minutes, you should have unloaded smoothly and unhindered.

clogged kitchen sinks trap

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how to clear clogged sink drains

Here Tips How To Unclog a Sink Trap

  1. Center a plastic bucket under the sink trap.
  2. Locate the two large plastic nuts on either side of the beltway sink trap.
  3. Mount the jaws of hydraulic clamp around one of the largest plastic nuts. Rotate the clamp counterclockwise. Loosen the nut. Finish removing it by hand. The water will spill into the bucket.
  4. Remove the other big nut on the opposite side of the plug. Dump the contents into the bucket after removing the trap from the spout.
  5. Wash the inside of the trap with hot water. Use the old toothbrush or stiff wire to scrape the debris from the inside of the trap.
  6. Replace the trap in the reverse order of removal. Dump the contents of the plastic bucket in the toilet.

clean unclog sink trap

how to unclog a kitchen sink trap

clean unclog trap under kitchen sink

Tips and warnings

  • You might want to wear a pair of rubber gloves when cleaning the trap as it can be a bit ugly by debris.
  • Run hot water in the sink drain on a daily basis to empty the sink trap and aid in removal of debris collected.
  • Using a detergent chemical sink can damage pipes and cause a bigger problem if you have a septic system.
  • Follow the safety label directions when using any kind of chemical drain cleaner.

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