How To Value A Small Patio: 14 Ideas From Which To Draw Inspiration

People often think that a small space can not be lived to the fullest and that you can not turn it into an aesthetically appealing place, and practical and functional; actually thanks to small tricks and at the right value to every single meter a small space available can become focal aesthetic point of the whole house.

beautiful small patio style for your home design

As it happens for indoor areas, also external ones, such as a small patio, they may become really functional spaces, as well as beautiful, even if of very modest size.

If you also have available a small patio and want to use it to create a captivating and intimate seating areas, rather than a mini outdoor room warm and welcoming atmosphere to share with friends, in this post you will find 14 ideas from which draw inspiration to make the most of your outdoor space.

1. To make the most of a small space to insert a bench is always a good idea; by doing so you can avoid using bulky chairs and still achieve a friendly, functional area where set up in the company lunches and dinners.

mini outdoor room small patio

2. To enhance a small patio is always important to choose furniture adapted to the space available; in this case a round table to furnish a circular space has been used; a great way to enhance the entire area.

small patio with beautiful chair and table furniture

3. Conceive, plan and carefully studying the available space will take you to create a zone like this: a space for leisure, relaxation and storage, all concentrated and structured using every meter available.

small patio umbrella set

The coffee table made from an old water trough for horses also serves as a mini fridge.

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4. Bright, bold colors can be used without problems in a small patio, when in large spaces could otherwise be excessive.

small patio outdoor set with start accessories wall pictures and plant in corner

5. Create an outdoor living room next to a part allows us to maximize the patio space; however small you will have the feeling of an open area and not at all crowded.

outdoor living room small patio

6. The insertion of decorative elements made of natural materials, such as stone, will make a small much more attractive space.

small patio with attractive space

7. Using only two colors, which are in harmony with the surrounding space, will extend his gaze without interruption and the patio will seem much larger.

small patio will seem much larger if you get the decorate

8. In this case it was decided to follow the long and narrow shape of the patio, by entering only a table of the same characteristics and the simple and linear structure.

long and narrow shape of the patio

9. Being an outdoor area, the distribution of plants is very important; putting the largest species in the perimeter area and the lowest in the forefront you can give depth to the whole, expanding the perception of space.

Being an outdoor area the distribution of plants is very important

10. Sometimes, when space is very limited, it is better to focus on a few details, perhaps creating only a reception area where you can relax in harmony with nature.

reception area where you can relax in harmony with nature

11. Create a pleasant and welcoming space is of prime importance for enhancing a small environment; Here we see how a small pergola with curtains and adequate lighting, it can turn into a place suitable for either a drink or a romantic dinner.

small pergola with curtains and adequate lighting

12. The addition of a decorative detail, such as a simple fountain, does not require large work nor an excessive expenditure, but is able to transform the environment by creating a really nice atmosphere.

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simple fountain for your small patio

13. Use a carpet in the outdoor area may seem a bit ‘strange, but it works very well to define the space and create a comfortable environment; it is possible to opt for outdoor carpets able to withstand the weather.

outdoor carpets able to withstand the weather

14. It is obvious, but always very important, maintain the relationship between the dimensions of the furniture and the space in which they are inserted; just so you can keep the proportions and create a highly aesthetic visual sensation.

maintain the relationship between the dimensions of the furniture and the space in which they are inserted credit images from:

mini outdoor room small patio

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